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Four Helpful Tips for Email Etiquette

Let’s talk about email etiquette.


Look, I love that you have a biz and have set up an email list. GOOD FOR YOU! 


I feel like there should be a few unspoken rules, but apparently there aren’t, so I’ve compiled my list of pet peeves.  

Here we go:

If someone likes or follows your page, you should ask if you can add them to your email list.. or explicitly state that a like means they will be added to your list.

I feel like this should go without saying, but it has happened to me five times.

GOOD ON YOU for being able to operate multiple sites! However, when I signed up for the one site, I was not aware you had four more in the wings, nor was I aware that I was signing up for all five when I gave you permission to grace my inbox. Please be more specific on your sign-up form. 

If you are a designated mentor for an MLM company and run a biz of your own, you shouldn’t be adding your mentee to your email list without their expressed permission.

Don’t ask for their email address “for company purposes” then sneakily add them to your list. RUDE!

Okay so maybe not a NEW list, but at the very least, please give a heads up!

If you pivot your biz, email your list.

If you start a new biz, email your list.

Let your subscribers know if they are about to be added to another list.

—> If you work for a network or team, then strike out on your own, the list belongs to that network. By all means, share with the list that you will be striking out on your own and post your new link/signup form. Let people know where to find you, but don’t just jack the whole list for yourself. 

To sum up:

Like/follow auto-add to list

Be specific: what they’re signing up for?

I’m a mentee, not a freebie subscriber

Network -> Solo? New list. 

I don’t have an email list yet, but when I do, that link and signup form will go here 🙂

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