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Mad For (Top)Hatter

I like auctions and I like winning them.</p>

Doesn’t everyone?

Tophatter is an awesome site where you can bid on things and win within seconds, sometimes minutes depending on the amount of bids. Call them instant auctions, if you will. Some items are new, but there are also used ones as well. Each used item I saw was clearly indicated as such.

Upon signing up, I received a $5 credit. YAY! I’m unsure if it was a temporary thing, but when you sign up, look for the pop-up or check your “account” (where you can add credits based on special codes).

As you start browsing, you will notice the costs are up front ($this + $that shipping). This is listed on every single item. Think fast and bid fast. It moves VERY quickly. You can click on the item description (tap if you’re using the app) and it will tell you exactly what you’re getting.

If you’re not really in for the thrill of bidding/winning (LIAR!), you can purchase the items at a “Buy It Now” price. You’ll possibly pay less for the item during bidding, but if not, you can always head to the sale page. You also have the option of being notified when your fave items go to auction. Just go to the item’s page and tap the heart icon. Easy-peasy.

Here is a screenshot from the Android app. On it, you can see the current auctions and even a notification on an item I had asked for notifications on. When the bar disappears, the item is up. Scroll quickly! By the time you find the item, it might be sold already. You can also clearly see the price and shipping amounts.

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

On the Tophatter landing page, you will see the “Live Events” (items currently up for auction). When you see the item you want, click the green BID bar. You will see if your bid is still winning or if you’ve been outbid. A pop-up will tell you if you have won and gives you payment options. I chose to connect with Paypal, which is connected by one-click. Checkout was super fast and easy.

Now for my spoils!

Right away, I happened upon a make-up brush that I wanted to try but most I seem to find are a bit out of my budget. I won! It was $3 + $6 for shipping and was only $4 for me after I applied the credit. If you’re wondering how accurate the listings are, here is the listing from the app and the bottom is the actual brush (used – I forgot to take pics before I ripped it open and started using it OOPSIE!).

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

Next, I found a 5pc set of Water Droplet-shaped Flawless Smooth Pro Makeup Powder Puff Beauty Blender. They looked almost exactly as they did on the site and were good quality.

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

I spotted a gorgeous “Love & Heart” ring set. Sapphire was my birthstone so I was pumped! Right afterwards, I saw a set of Owl earrings that I knew would be perfect for a friend.

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

Here are two quick examples of packaging. Each item was well-wrapped and nothing came in scratched, chipped, ripped or dented.

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

Thrilled with my little victories, I decided to hop on over to Tophatter’s Instagram page and give them a follow. Within seconds, they slid up into my DMs and offered me ANOTHER $5 credit. SCORE!

Armed with that credit, I chose a Tribal Knot ring. It was $7 (no shipping, which is actually somewhat common), so I received it for $2. I haven’t received this item yet 🙁  but I’m looking forward to it!

My credits through BrandBacker came through, I picked out a Black & Purple Rhodium Ring…

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

… and an Adult Coloring Book. With cuss words. I can NOT WAIT to start coloring this. I added the stars by the way 🙂

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

Here is a fantastic necklace I found. It’s kinda small, so I put it next to a tube of lip balm so you can get an idea of the size. I have a few other great items on the way that I can’t wait for 🙂

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

 I can not recommend this site enough! I have loved every time I have purchased. The descriptions are accurate and the site’s pics are spot-on. 

DISCLOSURE: I was compensated by Tophatter (through BrandBacker) with 2 separate purchasing credits to complete this post and share on social media. All opinions and pics (unless otherwise indicated) are my own. Also, the links to Tophatter are my personal invite link, where I earn credit if you make a purchase.

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