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What Did You Just Ask Me?

Blog Challenge Day 24: An Interview.

For this post, I decided to let Mini ask me five questions.

Here goes..

1. Why the name Davina?

Confession: growing up, I idolized (in secret of course – my religious parents would have flipped over my idolization) Princess Diana. Her nickname was Di, so I knew that’s what my kid’s initials were going to be. I wanted something unique, but not so unique that you would get made fun of for it.

I was watching a trash reality show and a girl named Davina was on there. After looking it up, I found it was listed under both Hebrew and Scottish names. The meaning is Beloved/Cherished. The middle name (Ireland) – well, it’s where you were conceived. Sorry, Kid!

2. Why can’t you whistle?

Ummm.. genetics? Ha! Actually, I have no idea. It just never happened. I can whistle when I breathe in, but not breathing out. I think it makes me unique, though. Nick Jonas can’t whistle either, so I guess I’m in good company.

3. Why do you like bunnies so much?

Okay, kiddo.. get out your tissues. When I was little and still living with my biological Mother, we had rabbits. “My” rabbit was a black and white straight-eared piece of awesome named Cookie. I was sick once (I think it was when all four of us got chicken pox) and my Mother went to the garage to bring my bunny up to the back door so I could pet him. Mind you, my Mother was just starting to have difficulty moving around by this time, so it made it that much more special that she did this. Now you know 🙂

4. Have you ever used anything from your Social Studies class in real life?

Yes, I had to correct your homework that one time 🙂

5. Do you actually like chocolate pudding?

Not really. I get chocolate pudding because YOU like it. I much prefer butterscotch or tapioca.

Bonus: Do you trust me home alone?

Absolutely! I know you wouldn’t do anything stupid and you would have the dogs to keep you company and to protect you, but don’t you love driving around with me? We have lots of fun, great conversations and almost always stop for coffee!

Great questions, kiddo!

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