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Blog Challenge – Topic 7

A Memory That Haunts You

I would have to go with the day of my car accident. I was really having a fun day and then it all went to hell somehow. We were just driving and next thing I know, I hear a loud thump and the car started spinning. We spun so many times, we ended up across the intersection just missing both a street sign and a dumpster.

The memory both haunts and taunts me every day of my life. Each morning as I wake up in pain, I’m reminded of that day. So many questions flood through my mind.

Why did we even bother trying to see my now-former friend for dinner?

What if we left the park a few minutes earlier or later?

What if my spine wasn’t as messed up as it ended up being?

What if it hadn’t happened at all?

The now-former friend that we were heading to see wasn’t really a friend at all. She used the car accident experience to come between the guy and I. He was cool and we had a lot of fun together. He had known former friend back in high school therefore thought she could dictate how our relationship should go. A lot happened afterwards that led to me calling off my friendship with her. I was just done with all her idiocy.

It ended up also the beginning of the relationship between my husband and I. He saw I was struggling doing my job and helped me out, which led to us hanging out getting to know each other and then we ended up together.

I would have eventually stopped speaking to said friend eventually anyways. She was just trouble on all fronts, but it really makes me wonder how different my life would be right now if that accident never happened..

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