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Blog Challenge – Topic 8

A Blog You Read Regularly

I read a lot of food blogs. I love learning others’ tips and tricks. I love expanding my recipe collection. I like to challenge myself with baking and cooking. I’m good, but I have a tendency to be boring at times.

I also love reading blogs that alert you to sales, steals and deals. Through refinancing my truck and our mortgage, we were able to save close to $300 a month but I live on Long Island (NY) and let’s face it, my insurance premiums could jump that much overnight! I love when people help take the guesswork out of savings. I don’t have a lot of time to plan grocery trips to multiple stores, but one site in particular makes it so simple for me.

My favorite food blog is: Six Sisters Stuff. I have yet to find a recipe on there that I don’t like! The only exception is coconut recipes but only because I can’t have them. I have also found a bunch of cute projects on the site too. It is definitely worth a browse!

My favorite “everything” blog is Spend With Pennies. I have lost count how many deals I have discovered on the site as well as how many recipes I have pinned and have tried or will try.

My favorite savings/deals blog is Long Island Coupon Queen. I love that she is local and always has posts relevant to Long Island stores and places. Her coupon posts and deal match-ups take all the guesswork out of shopping. I know I can browse her site weekly and make plans.

A few other favorites:

Money Saving Mom is also a great deal site. I have found a ton of links to printables for myself and Mini as well as recipes, time management advice and her guest’s posts are always great.

Roxana’s Home Baking simply from her Rolo bars recipe alone, but I can not wait to try the Nutella cupcakes. We are Nutella fanatics (Mini included!) and I love finding new recipes.

Buttercream Blondie obviously shares my love of both booze and desserts. Her recipe for Bailey’s frosting was absolutely amazing!

WobiSobi is one of my fave DIY sites. Her clothing tutorials are awesome! I’m a complete spazz with a sewing machine, but she has easy-to-follow fab tutorials for people like me, where sewing is just not an option.

For a quick laugh, I follow Dog-Shaming over on Tumblr. Dog owners and non-dog owners will get a kick out of the random pics and stories of our fave furbabies getting themselves into trouble.

I browse these sites pretty often and I hope since you took the time to read this, you take a few minutes to check them out as well. I warn you though- once you start browsing those recipe sites, kiss your day good-bye and prepare to Pinterest the night away 🙂

Happy Reading!

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