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Blog Challenge – Topic 9



Okay I have to admit that this topic threw me a little. Do I talk about my favorite color? Do I post a pic of a painting or sunset? What exactly does ‘color’ mean?

Hmm…….. Okay here goes nothing..

My favorite color is blue. For one thing, it’s the color of my eyes. It’s one of my fave colors to wear. It’s half the colors of my fave baseball team (GO METS!) and football team (GO GIANTS!). It’s the color of the ocean. It’s the color of the sky on a clear, beautiful day. I picked a blue case to cover my cell phone.

I was a teenager when blue M&Ms first came on the scene (ugh did I really just admit that?!) and I remember being so excited to pop open a bag with blue in it. The bag I bought only had one in it. I was so mad! That story makes me chuckle.

I’m very picky about other colors. When we purchased our house 2 years ago, the upstairs bathroom was this bright yellow. Since it was a cathedral ceiling with a skylight, I hated it. There was just too much yellow. Not a pale yellow, a bright, sunshine-y, borderline-neon yellow. I remember arguing with my husband about the color. I believe my argument was “Don’t sit there and tell me that doesn’t annoy you” all the while knowing this was the same man who had a bright orange bedroom when we met. I eventually won that one and the bathroom was painted white.

Mini’s room was a nice pale yellow and I wondered why they didn’t just paint the bathroom the same color. Either way, she went from pale yellow with white trim to this dark purple with neon pink trim. I was skeptical the whole time we painted. I was extremely nervous, but Mini absolutely loved it (still does!). By the way, Mini changes her fave color as often as she changes her underwear. I swear it’s different each day!

I love rainbows as well. We had one near us about 2 months ago. It was a double and they were huge! I took 3 good pics, but only one has the double in it. I turned off the flash and took it from my car..

444_10151436465326905_1711817157_n 1013080_10151436466261905_1223264995_n 1017260_10151436463736905_502406853_n


Color is awesome!

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