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One & Twenty

February 2nd is a date that stands out for me.</h3>

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One year ago today, I was in a hospital being told I was going to die because of a tooth abscess that went haywire. It wasn’t drained properly when I had the extraction done and it just kept growing.

Eventually, it started pushing in one my throat and I was told if I didn’t go to the hospital and get on aggressive antibiotics, I would suffocate.

The nurse sternly reminded me of this – in front of my kid – when I asked if I could leave to get some real food.

“If you leave now, you won’t get your antibiotics and you will die.”

Yeah, thanks. All I asked was if I could eat because my radiology tests were done.


Twenty years ago, I lost my biological Mother. I’ve spoken about her before. I spent the first 18 years of my life watching Multiple Sclerosis take hold of her body and mind.

MS took away the use of her legs, then hands and eventually her voice. My last visit with her, she was only whispering. The only thing she said out loud was a crystal clear “I love you”.

The one thing MS did not take from her was her sense of humor. She would joke about getting up and chasing us or that she would throw her beloved iced tea at us.

It blows my mind that it’s been 20 years already. I was texting my brother earlier and he couldn’t believe it either. It sucks that my Mother will never know her grandkids and vice versa. She would’ve loved them all and they would have loved her right back.

At least we have the stories to tell and the pictures to show.

4 thoughts on “One & Twenty”

    1. Not as bad as the awful nurse in the maternity ward when I had my kid, but it boggles my mind how these people still have jobs. A little sensitivity goes a long way!

  1. Some dates will always have strong memories attached to them. Thank you for sharing, and so sorry to hear about those hard times in your life. Each year can be a reminder of the good and the bad.

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