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Blog Challenge – Topic 12

Pic Of Your “Office” and Write About It

I am in the middle of reorganizing things and putting them into better order so my desk is a mess right now. I promise to revisit this post and post pics when I’m done. The reorganize is taking me a while because I want everything accessible and handy while not in my face.

My desk is actually 2 tabletops from Ikea set up on 3 bookshelves. A bookshelf on each end and one in the middle where the two tables meet. There are a few 3-drawer organizers and file boxes.

Let’s talk a minute about Mini’s office space. We made her desk out of her old crib. I had this idea and apparently, I’m not the first one to think of that. Either way, I put a lot of thought into her desk and how we would decorate it. She has plenty of space for a paper divider and a paper tray for lined paper. I put in a small shelf next to her with all of her clipboards, markers without packages and coloring books. To the right of the desk, I used a shoe storage to keep the rest of her little marker and notepad sets.

This was the end result:


I blanked out her name plate, by the way. I absolutely love her desk. I was a little jealous of it which is why my desk ended up being a slightly obnoxious size.. She makes good use of all of her things. She loves drawing, making collages and crafting. The baseball chair was the one she picked out for herself at Staples. We are football and baseball people in case you didn’t see that yet šŸ™‚

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