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Cupcakes and an Ice Cream Cake

December Break came and went.. and now we finally find ourselves on a snow day.

Each day off from school brought a different opportunity to bake some cupcakes and test out the Russian Piping Tip Set we received for free through Tomoson. Cupcakes are fun to frost, but I love decorating cakes too! Since we happened to have an ice cream cake in the freezer, I decided to test half the tips on that.

Full Disclaimer: I’m definitely not a pro at this. I can manage just fine, but I’m not a pro.

Tina Bs World - Russian Piping Set Review
Such a beautiful set!

Mini has just gotten into decorating cakes and cupcakes with me. She’s really good at fondant emoji faces. I’m not a fondant or frosting pro, but I do like to pass on my bit of knowledge to her. She was PUMPED when she heard it was time to learn some piping.

We decided on pumpkin cupcakes (mostly because they’re our fave) and cream cheese frosting. In hindsight, I probably should’ve used some color like they did in the How-To Video. They most likely would have been easier to see (and prettier!) if I just used a pop of color.

Tina Bs World - Russian Piping Set Review
My work station 🙂

When our cupcakes were ready, we got to work making our piping bags. I know how to use piping bags so it was pretty simple for me to figure out. If this is your first piping set, they have a handy Instructional JPG that details, in pictures, how to complete set up.

Tina Bs World - Russian Piping Set Review
Screenshot from Instruction Link

Once everything was set, it was time to have fun!

The tips changed easily, making the process go smoothly and quickly. This would be really helpful if you are decorating a cake/cupcake by using multiple tips.

I tried the first set of 8 and here are my fave pics:

Tina Bs World - Russian Piping Set Review
Mini said I should have added a smile on this one. It looks a bit like emoji eyes..
Tina Bs World - Russian Piping Set Review
The frosting was starting to melt at this point, but the flopping of the sides actually works for the design.
Tina Bs World - Russian Piping Set Review
Roses or nah?
Tina Bs World - Russian Piping Set Review
Ok I admit.. this kinda looks like piranhas..

Quite a few of them didn’t turn out as expected, so it was kind of frustrating. This was not the tip’s fault. It was just me being out of practice.

A couple nights later, a new restaurant opened and my husband decided he wanted to try their ice cream cake. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to test out the rest of the tips.

Here are my faves from that adventure:

Tina Bs World - Russian Piping Set Review
Excuse the bubble in the bag.. thats the reason for the gap.
Tina Bs World - Russian Piping Set Review
I think this one was my fave 🙂
Tina Bs World - Russian Piping Set Review
This one was so pretty.. my pic does not do it justice!
Tina Bs World - Russian Piping Set Review
Little stars.. love em!

The part of the tip that goes on the inside of the bag was a pain in the tuckus at first. It comes apart in three pieces, which makes for easier cleaning and keeping the frosting from blobbing out, but is kind of annoying that it doesn’t snugly snap together. You have to hold it.

All in all, I LOVE this set! Once you get all set up, using them was a breeze and a joy!

If you would like a set of your own, click HERE. No, this isn’t an affiliate link.

My rating: 10/10. Awesome set! I highly recommend to beginners and pros alike.


2 thoughts on “Cupcakes and an Ice Cream Cake”

  1. I’ve actually had these saved in my Amazon cart for a while, wasn’t sure if someone with low skill like me would be able to get any positive results from them. I just may have to purchase them now!

    1. You’ll do fantastic with them! They are for all skill levels! Plus.. if you make a mistake, it’s soooo much easier to correct with the bigger tips.

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