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What Did You Just Ask Me?

Blog Challenge Day 24: An Interview. For this post, I decided to let Mini ask me five questions. Here goes.. 1. Why the name Davina? Confession: growing up, I idolized (in secret of course – my religious parents would have flipped over my idolization) Princess Diana. Her nickname was Di, so I knew that’s what …

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Do I Really Have to Wear Shades?

Blog Challenge Day 21: Imagine the Future Right now, the future looks a little bleak. I’m talking about after the quarantine thing is over. I have a lot to do in a seemingly little bit of time. Maybe I’m not thinking positively enough or trying to short change my timeline. via GIPHY How long does …

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Can We Talk?

Blog Challenge Day 20: Let’s Give Em Something to Talk About This is supposed to be about some blog posts you’ve posted that gained traction. I don’t get a lot of comments, but here are the top clicked posts: Three FREE Resources That Will Help Middle School Parents Brush Up On Their Foreign Language Skills …

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My Kid is Driving Me Nuts..

Blog Challenge Day 19: One Piece of Advice. Ummm yeah so we kinda did this one already. It’s 11 at night so I don’t want to fuss about it though. So what to do.. I GOT IT! via GIPHY Here are some freebies and low cost goodies I have for sale in my Printables shop.. …

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