June 2018 Photo Challenge – FUN – Tina B's World

June 2018 Photo Challenge – FUN

The end of school.</p>

Summer vacation begins.

New routines commence.

Mini has a birthday.

So do two of our Pugs, Jack and Mookie.

Lots of fun, exciting things happen in June.

Field Day.

Mini’s field day was held off campus at a park. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and breezy.

As Mini went through one of the stations, I happened to be at the end. She said a split-second “hi” as she went through. I was clicking away with my phone and I captured this gem.

June 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World


Happy Birthday, Mini!

My baby turned 11 this year. She wanted a music themed birthday. The guitar mold was yellow cake and the musical note was chocolate. The frosting (the FUN part!) is a vanilla and whipped chocolate mixed. Delicious! What’s more fun than celebrating a birthday? Well.. when you’re young anyway 😉

June 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World

Silly Putty is back!

Soooo.. remember when you were little and you used your Silly Putty to copy the comics? Well, I don’t get the paper anymore so I found the adult version.. a local liquor store’s ad. Observe.

June 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World


Other than the awards Mini received at her 5th Grade Graduation ceremony, she also received a Student of the Trimester from the district’s music program. There are about 175 kids in Mini’s grade and only about 20 received the award for all three trimesters, so it was a pretty big deal. They have their own ceremony. The kids get a little swag bag and cupcake. Here was Mini’s fave pic from the night (she said the fun part of the pic was the light all in her glasses!):

June 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World

My Last Day of Occupational Therapy

I met some awesome people at OT. The “fun”isn’t in this picture, but in the memory. We had some good times at OT, talking and laughing while we did our respective therapies. We were together for up to 3 hours per week, which is way more than I see some of my long term friends. You share stories about your injuries and what you do, things going on, whatever is on the news, anything. I am going to miss my therapist and fellow cripples. When you graduate, you have a choice of a reusable bag or a t-shirt. I chose the bag.

June 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World


You know the trend of updating childhood photos? I personally LOVE this trend. I have been working on “updating” photos and I happened to have one from Mini’s last day of Kindergarten and now her last day of 5th grade. It was a lot easier to hold her when she was little. Now that she’s 5 ft tall and the size of a small adult, it’s a little harder. We did it anyway.

June 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World

I’m interested to see what everyone else in the Challenge has done!

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10 thoughts on “June 2018 Photo Challenge – FUN”

  1. You daughter’s love of music comes through in so many ways in this post. The guitar and musical note birthday cakes are way beyond anything I could create as a base for birthday candles and wishes. Way to go! Love the lights sparkling on her glasses in the photo where she’s holding up her award. Glad she insisted you include it.

    1. I love that my girl loves music as much as I do. I didn’t play an instrument as a kid. I’m happy she wants to stick with it 🙂
      We found cake molds for the cakes. I could never make those on my own. It’s amazing what you can find a pan for!

  2. What is a Silly Putty and how does it work? Looks like we didn’t have those as kids.
    Great celebrations, musical birthday, graduation, last day of OT – congratulations!
    LOVE the bonus pictures. Can you believe where time went???

    1. Sill Putty is almost like a clay. You can copy prints like newspapers and magazines onto it. I used to love playing with it as a kid. It’s just as fun as an adult!
      No, I can NOT believe where the time went. Five years just *POOF* gone just like that. Crazy!

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