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Blog Challenge – Topic 22

What This Challenge Has Taught You; How It Has Benefitted You

This challenge has made it blaringly obvious that I can’t finish things on time!

I’m usually much better about getting things done on time, but this time my family needed me. No matter how long it takes me, I always finish what I start, albeit late this time. (Grrrr).

I like doing blog challenges. Sometimes, I feel like I am just fried and stuck with writer’s block. At least this gave me some topics to run with. The topics were fun, although some I thought were going to be impossible to do! A few topics I would never even think of writing about either so that was awesome!

As a whole, I loved it. Can’t wait til the next challenge!

2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge – Topic 22”

    1. I successfully completed one other a while back. It gives great ideas to get going.
      I was trying to help myself post a bunch on my new blog site 🙂
      That’s also why it’s called a “challenge”.. You have to push yourself!

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