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Summer Movie Challenge 2019 – Movie 6

"text-align: center;">“Short Circuit”

I quote the “more input” line so much, I insisted Mini finally watch this movie. She is going to be quoting this movie as much as my sister and I did when we were younger (and still do!).

Starring: Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenberg & Fisher Stevens

Year Released: 1986

Mini’s Thoughts: “This is legit Wall-E.”

Also: “The funniest and awesomest movie!”

Fave part: When Number 5 turned the other three robots into the Three Stooges and when Number 5 disassembled Frank’s car.


“Still lumpy” when Number 5 is making pancakes.

“Piece of cake!” after Number 5 took apart Frank’s car.

“Hey Lazer Lips, your mama was a snowblower!”

Mini’s Rating: 10/5

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