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How to Take Your Creativity to the Next Level

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Do you love to be creative, but want to take your creativity to a whole new level?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your work and find that your natural creative abilities and talents are untapped?

If so, you need to learn how to tap into your creativity whenever you want or need to.

Everyone has the capacity to be creative!

scissors and packing supplies

It’s one of our greatest strengths as humans. Some people have a greater gift for creativity that others, but you’ll never know how creative you can be unless you take steps to maximize it.

After all, it’s easy to understand what it takes to become more skilled at hitting a golf ball. It’s not quite as clear how someone should go about increasing their skill at creating. 

When you allow creative thinking to flow, you will find that you can enhance your natural abilities and accomplish more in less time.

Let’s discuss:

creative thinking -> creativity

Creativity allows you to become who you want to be, right?

Well, if you can’t release your creativity, you may feel your professional growth stunted, or you may not be able to think as clearly as you would like to. You may not even realize the importance of creativity until you can tap into it through creative thinking.

Wondering how you can get started with creative thinking?

Let’s start simply:

  1. Go through magazines and cutting out random images.
  2. Glue them all to a paper or a board without thinking about it – just let your creative juices flow!
  3. Step back and see what your mind has created.

You may be impressed or surprised at your project.

This surely will help you tap into your creative energy. 

listen to something new

The right music can get your creative juices flowing.

Try listening to an unfamiliar album (borrow a CD or tape if you need to) or playlist. It doesn’t matter. Try a genre you don’t normally listen to. 

A new listening experience just might be what your brain needs to light your creative fire and change your definition of creativity. 

get your groove on

Dance! Okay, maybe just get active. 

  • Put on a CD/playlist or go out to a jazz club.
  • Try a dance class, or enjoy the movement of your body in your own living room.

Whatever it is, do something to get up and get going!

You will be surprised at how creative you’ll feel afterwards.

You may feel inspired and ready to tackle new and exciting projects.. or maybe you’ll find that your workload isn’t as daunting as it first appeared.

After all, you’ll be relaxing while having fun! 

the write stuff

Try this:

  1. Set your timer for 15 minutes.
  2. Immediately start writing whatever comes to mind without thinking about it or planning.
  3. Set your pen down and read the creativity that flowed from your mind to your hand, and then to your pen and onto the paper.


Yet another awesome way to boost creative thinking is through affirmations.

These positive statements can help you remember what it is to be creative and how wondrous it feels when creativity flows through you.

You can create a list of affirmations for yourself such as, “I feel an intense flame of passion for things that interest me,” that can help you tap into the creative person that you are, even as you deal with everyday stresses. I included the link for two affirmation coloring page bundles at the bottom of the post. 

somewhere new

  • Authors write in hotel rooms.
  • Painters have studios separate from their homes.

Your creativity won’t be at the highest level in the places you spend the most time.

A new environment can work wonders to spark your creativity.

Try going someplace new for a few days or at least a new place. Why? Your normal hangouts stimulate your normal thoughts and thinking. If you want to shake up your brain, you need to shake up your routine. 

be prolific

Most ideas are relatively worthless.. AND THAT’S OKAY!

That just means you have to generate a lot of ideas to find a keeper.

Some comics have stated they have to write a hundred jokes to get one keeper.

Songwriters make similar claims.

No matter what you’re trying to resolve, be willing to wade through a lot of bad ideas until you find one good one. 

let me sleep on it

There’s a case to be made for calling it a day before you run out of ideas. That leaves something for your mind to ponder the following day, along with the ability to look at the issue with fresh eyes. 

Example: more than one famous author has claimed they like to quit for the day after they’ve gotten some work done, but still know what they’re going to write next.

Avoid exhausting your ideas before you’ve had time to come up with more. Know how you’re going to proceed and then sleep on it. 

be the expert

Studying the masters of your field will give you a greater depth of knowledge.

Be an expert in your field and you’ll have a greater chance of developing meaningful ideas. 


  • Take a new path to work
  • Join a carpool
  • Call an Uber
  • Eat new foods
  • Change your evening routine

Shake up your world and you’ll think new thoughts.

You might be surprised by how uncomfortable it is to change all of these little things around. 

The fortress of Creativity

Create solitude. 

It’s next to impossible to be creative when you’re constantly interrupted.

Find a quiet, inspiring place to do your creative work.

Turn off your phone and be creative. 

Productive boredom

Boring activities encourage daydreaming and reduce the activity of the logical parts of the brain.

With your logical centers taking a back seat, your creativity can shine through.

I get some of my best ideas when I’m playing solitaire and listening to music. 

Sleepy Creativity

It might seem logical that you’d be most creative when your brain is most active, but science has shown the opposite is true.

Example: if you’re a morning person, your best ideas might come at night.

That also means you should make good use of the time immediately before falling asleep and after awakening. 

You can make the most of your creative gifts.

There are well-established tips for increasing your creative power.

You never know precisely when a brilliant idea will hit, so increase the odds in your favor.. so tap into that creativity today! 

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