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Real Growth Isn’t Supposed to Be Comfortable

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Can you think back on a time of real growth..

  • in your business?
  • in your personal life?
  • anywhere in your life?

Chances are you had to step out of your comfort zone for it to happen, right?

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Step Out

While it’s totally possible to make progress while doing the same old thing every day, it will be slow going.. limited by the sheer will to stay in the comfort zone. 

Step out of that zone! 

  • Try something new
  • Take a bit of a risk
  • Allow for personal & professional growth

Only then will you start to see big changes for the better.

a Goal & A problem

Let’s say you goal is to grow your reach and get out in front of a larger audience.

What you’ve done so far:

  • What feels comfortable
  • One blog post per week
  • Sharing on social media

Yes, some readers will find you.

Yes, you could double/triple your efforts.

  • Publish more posts per week
  • Share posts more often
  • Still see paltry growth and engagement

The problem? You’re still staying in your comfort zone.

Maybe try this instead

What you plan on doing:

  • writing another blog post or two per week
  • promoting it on Facebook multiple times

Maybe try this instead:

  • write a guest blog post for a blog with a bigger reach 
  • sit down and record a fun info-packed YouTube video
  • embed the video in a blog post
  • share the video on your other social media platforms
  • set up and test an ad that sends leads to your funnel

Are any of those things are new to you?

If so, they might seem like daunting tasks..

BUT getting uncomfortable is sometimes necessary to have the bigger payoffs.

but why?

If you’re anything like me, your inner child is asking this as you’re reading. 

Here are a few answers: 

Why guest posts?

  • allow you to be seen by a new audience
  • establish relationships with other bloggers
  • leads to new opportunities and collaborations

Why a video or series?

  • reach a brand new and completely different audience
  • opens up your content to people who prefer video to written 
  • new potential clients and customers who would have never seen your content otherwise

Why paid ads?

  • set it and forget it
  • learning curve, but also plenty of courses to help you
  • steady stream of new leads without any added work 

Uncomfy --> Comfy

Eventually, you will be comfortable enough doing the uncomfortable that it will become comfortable to do so.

Also, you won’t stay uncomfortable for long.

The processes will start to feel more comfortable for you as you:

  • record those first few videos
  • submit a couple guest posts
  • spend some money on ads

Before you know it, things will become second nature and yet another tool in your virtual tool belt.

Once that happens, you know it’s time to explore some other marketing strategies and ideas. 

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