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Some Help With Your Task List

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Did you know that embracing systems can help you free up more down time? 

It’s true!

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As people who work from home, we know our ultimate goal is to work the least amount of time, with the maximum return possible.

Doing this should help us free up time to explore our passions and enjoy some stress-free time with your family and friend right? 

So how exactly do we do this?

Let’s discuss! 

Starting Out is Hard

Unfortunately, when you’re learning the ropes of a new idea/project/job, the number of tasks piles up and leaves you feeling as if you are just drowning in that to-do list.

Eventually, you do become faster at whatever you’re doing. You learn tips and tricks to master certain things, enabling you to glide through your work instead of having to stop and research all the time. 

Ask Your Peoples

Maybe you join online groups or just talk to your friends. Turns out, some of them are going through the same thing or have been where you are. Yes, their situations might be slightly different, but they’ll probably have some great insights for you.

Here’s what that looks like: 

  • “Here’s what I did”
  • “Wait. Did you know you could use this to do that?”
  • “Do you even Trello?” 

Then It Becomes Easier

Over time, you can implement the suggestions from friends and family that are easiest for you. As much as you may not want to admit it, their ideas might be better than yours. 

Imagine your daily task list only takes 1-2 hours thanks to your new systems.

THAT is how you free up time.

Work smarter, not harder. 

The Next Logical Step: Templates

Systems and Templates are the next logical step. 

What are templates?

Templates are anything that help you save time.

What would that look like for your business or job?

  • Blog Post Formats or Wording (like a disclosure clause)
  • Email Auto-response & Autoresponders
  • Social Media Posts 
  • Captions 
  • Sales Page Formats & Info
  • See my recommendations for these in the Resources section below

With a little initial work, having templates to start from moves things along at a faster pace. You simply copy and customize (if needed), plugging things in where you need them. 

The Next Logical Step: Systems

What are systems?

Your systems are your “order of operations” or “procedures”.

In a nutshell? How you do things. 

What does that look like for your business or job?

First, think about your daily routine: 

  • what gets done first, like email responses 
  • what gets the most bang for your buck, like social media engagement
  • how you handle product launches 

Now let’s systemize the things we just mentioned. 

Here’s an idea of how that might go: 

Email Response System 

  • How do you word them?
  • What times/days are they checked and answered? 
  • Is there a template you work from?

Social Media Engagement System 

  • Which platforms?
  • What days/times to post?
  • What days/times to DM, comment, like?
  • What type of engagement – DMs? Likes? Comments? 

Product Launch System 

  • Launch Plan in place
  • Preliminary promo emails to affiliates
  • Teaser posts/emails to your list
  • Products uploaded to your platform
  • Discount Codes ready to use
  • Sales Page done 

Do you get the idea?

Getting It All "On Paper"

Everyone has their own way that they like to do things. If you don’t believe them, simply ask five people how they cook rice. 

Get your routines and habits on paper, however that looks for you. I love using paper planners, but I’m also a HUGE fan of Trello for keeping track of everything (even my grocery list). They do have an app, so if you’re an “on the go” person, that’s an option. 

Once you get those things down, take a good look at them.

Are there ways to:

  • combine tasks?
  • simplify task execution?
  • make them make more sense?

Now re-organize them. Ask yourself: 

  • Are there errands I can run at the same time?
  • Is there an easier way to do things?
  • Why am I doing this stupid task at all? 
  • If this is a business thing, is there a way I can outsource or delegate? 

Do You Need Help?

If you don’t have the budget to hire an assistant (administrative or virtual), you might want to consider a freelancer. 

Go on Fiverr and search.

Find someone who has the needed task on their “specialty” list. 

The only choice you’ll have to make then is whether you give the freelancer specific instructions or guidelines. 

The difference?

  • Instructions are the specific way you want things done with not a lot of wiggle room for creative freedom
  • Guidelines are more of a laidback approach, allowing a freelancer to just do what they do best, in alignment with your brand 

The perks:

  • you don’t have to do something you don’t enjoy
  • you don’t have to fake being good at something just to get it done 

Hand some tasks over to someone else and you’ll free up time to actually enjoy everything you’ve worked your butt off to achieve. 


Bottom Line:

You can stay on the struggle bus or you can put systems and templates in place to help you move things along.

The choice is yours.

I’m rooting for you!

Good Luck 🙂

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Ivory Mix 


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Template Resources

Email Autoresponder

Flodesk – I haven’t used a bunch of email providers, but I love this one. It’s simple, user friendly, and creates gorgeous emails.  

*Use the link for 50% off your monthly fee. 

Social Media Posts

If you want to take the DIY your templates approach, I recommend Canva.

If you’re in the market for templates that don’t look like everyone else’s, I recommend:

Ivory Mix 

Social Media Calendar 

Beach Babe Stock 

Viral Marketing Stars 

Social Media Captions

Ivory Mix is the only one I have personally used. 

Sales Pages

I haven’t started using sales pages yet, but when I do, I will add resources here. 

Online Organizers

Rant or Rave here: