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Are You Constantly Taking “Working Lunch” Breaks? STOP! Here’s Why..

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Lunch just might be the one time during your day where you should feel no obligation to do anything except eat lunch and relax.

Even if you’re doing something you absolutely love and are passionate about, things can get a hectic while you’re working.

Yes, working lunches have become the norm. 

Yes, people are almost expected to keep working and continue to work while eating.

Yes, some are even willing to do so. 

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Taking an actual lunch break could very well be the easiest step towards some semblance of a work-life balance.

In the name of self care, you deserve to relax for a bit in the middle of your day.

You know what?

Give yourself permission to not even THINK about work during your break. 

Put work out of your mind for as long as you need to relax and regroup. Eat your lunch and enjoy it, then zone out for a spell.

Here are a few tips: 

Book It

Read a book or listen to an audiobook. Set an alarm for yourself. Getting lost in a story is fun, but you don’t want to waste your day 🙂

Another suggestion: listen to podcasts. There are so many great ones out there! 

Out Ya Go

If the weather is cooperating, take advantage! Take your lunch to a bench or table outside. Enjoy the weather, sights and sounds. 

If you live in a busy city, suburb or rural area, getting out in the middle of the day would be a welcome change of pace. 

Ummm.. EAT!

Enjoy that food! It can make a huge difference in your mood. 

If you work during lunch, you won’t even remember what you ate. Was it home cooked? Did you get it from your fave takeout joint? 

You don’t remember!

Good meals aren’t that hard to make, so you might actually keep that resolution to eat better if you know you’re going to enjoy it. 


Don’t let anyone dissuade you!

I once had a job in retail where people would stop me after I clocked out for lunch. It was aggravating. The bosses would say “well then tell us that happened and we’ll adjust your time”, but they NEVER DID. Customers would wait outside the break room to stop us for help. If we were leaving the store to grab food, we would always be stopped. 

A lot of us consistently got in trouble for having lunch breaks that were “longer than an hour”, but it was because we were consistently interrupted. 

Bottom line: Use your lunch time for what YOU need to use it for.

Don’t overwork yourself just because others choose to. 

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