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How to Get Started Selling PLR Products

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Let’s consider a few things:

  • Are you looking for a content-based income stream? 
  • You don’t need a lot of site traffic.
  • Your income won’t be reliant on your ability to dominate search engine results. 
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Are you interested? 

I bet you are! 

If so, you may want to consider becoming a private label rights (PLR) vendor. 

What's a PLR Vendor?

In a nutshell: you sell content that you create for other people to buy.

It’s kinda like freelancing, but different. With PLR, you create social media content or planner templates (and other things like that) just freelancers do. The biggest difference is your clients use the PLR as their own product. Clients tweak it and rebrand it, then publish and/or sell it (according to your rules). 

Another difference?

Instead of working for one client at a time like freelancers, you are selling to multiple buyers over time. You’re not exchanging hours for a set dollar amount. Freelancers and their clients agree on a project and price point, therefore you receive a fixed rate. PLR vendors put together a project, then have no limits on how many times they can sell it, therefore there’s no limit to how much income they can generate from one product. 

Let’s discuss further: 

Supply & Demand

There are people asking if PLR is dead and if you are considering being a seller, you might be worried. Don’t be. 

Pay this noise no mind because it’s just that: noise. Like blogging and pretty much anything, people have been murmuring about this for well over a decade. 

The fact is that more and more people entering the online entrepreneur space. They work from home and are trying to build businesses. 

Guess what? They need content. 

You Fill in the Gaps

Many people fail to have what they need to create content for their audience.

They lack:

  • time 
  • expertise
  • talent 

That’s where you come in!

You provide them with that missing puzzle piece that helps them reach and/or exceed their business goals.

It’s a great partnership, while not being an actual partnership.

They work on:

  • strategy
  • networking
  • planning

You work on creating content that will help them:

  • attract people to their website 
  • cater to their subscribers 
  • build a loyal following online 

You just might be the direct resource of the very products that they will be selling and earning a living with. Lots of people find lucrative niches, but then don’t have the know-how to guide an audience themselves.

Again, that’s where you come in!

You create the complete info products that they can use and brand as their own.

Some awesome sauce: when a consumer begins to utilize PLR services and products, they often keep coming back for years to come.

Boom! That’s almost guaranteed future income. I say almost because it’s on you to keep creating great products. 

Content, Content & More Content

PLR allows business owners to cross a task off their to-do list. PLR is:

  • convenient
  • affordable
  • easy to use

Content demands are never-ending for online entrepreneurs.

They need to post to their blog frequently enough to:

  • appease search engine bots 
  • prove that they have a fresh website 

They have to do the same when catering to their email subscriber list: they need lead magnets to build that list. One lead magnet isn’t cutting it anymore. They need a variety of lead magnets. 


  1. So that they can split test (which lead works best)
  2. To attract subscribers who have different needs under the same niche

They also need to have:

  • products to sell 
  • scripts for video content they can create 
  • audio podcasts that will help them build an audience 

This doesn’t just happen for one day or one week, or even for one year.

It’s a continual process that lasts as long as they want their business to last because content is what will sustain their growth over time. 

After all, once you stop publishing and catering to the needs of your audience, you can kiss your business goodbye. You fall to the bottom of the marketplace and a more consistent marketer takes the lead.

No one wants that!  

Picking a Solid Topic

Some tough love: not every topic will be a bestseller.

If you are trying to get into low-traffic topics where products are pretty much nowhere to be seen, you might not find any buyers for it.  

Why does this happen?

Simply put: there are not as many competitors and they can rank easily by publishing less often and using their own written words. 

Evergreen Topics

There are many evergreen topics that you can create PLR packages on that will sell wonderfully again and again.

Example: success or online marketing is a top seller for most PLR vendors.

You can also target the same audience with topics such as:

  • time management
  • motivation 
  • inspiration
  • mindset

Other topics that are highly in demand due to their huge audience:

  • diet and exercise
  • stress relief
  • pets
  • anti-aging
  • survival

Remember: these aren’t the only topics that will earn you money. 

Real Estate Example

Example: real estate agents need content to bring in clients, but very little PLR that addresses that. They might not have the time and/or talent to create the content they need for their website, so they look for readymade content from people like you.

You can teach people:

  • how to stage their home
  • how to sell or buy a home
  • prepping finances for a mortgage

The point: don’t dismiss the idea of capitalizing on major trends or topics which may not be considered evergreen. 


Sometimes topics or niches are offshoots of an evergreen topic.

Example: survival and prepping is a topic that is thriving online and has been for many years. However, at one time there was an Ebola patient that was brought to America, and sales of that specific niche topic soared as people wanted to know what it meant and how to protect themselves. 

Check the Marketplace

When you pick a topic for your bundles, look at what has already sold to PLR buyers in the marketplace prior to your launch.

Check sites like:

If they are creating ongoing packs about a specific topic, you can bet they are making sales. Also try a site like Amazon. Look for both:

  • tangible products being purchased on the bestsellers list 
  • book bestseller lists to see which successful topics would be good for you 

Example: you might find that micro habitats is a topic that is selling well and that this would probably make a great slant for work at home entrepreneurs, allowing you to capitalize on the trend. 

Different Types of Content

Your goal is to alleviate your client’s task list(s), which often consists of publishing content in a variety of places.

Let’s discuss a few types of content: 


The thing they will probably desire most are articles they can use on their blog, as they will help their domains rise in search results and bring in more organic traffic. 

How long should they be?

They should be at least 400 words and up


Some pay $2 per page for articles that are longer in length.

The length is up to you. The longer the article, the more you can charge for it.

You could also bundle a series of articles about one topic. 

Product Reviews

People love reading product reviews, so bloggers love posting them.

These are especially crucial for tangible product reviews, which will go on their blog rather than in their email autoresponder, according to some platform rules (such as Amazon).

Product reviews that you write can be for both digital and tangible products.

Clients post them:

  • to their blog
  • on social media

Marketers can also use product reviews (and other forms of content) as a script for:


Make sure that they have enough content to nurture their audience via email.

List building is one of the most important tasks that a marketer has and many do not know how to provide value.

That’s where your content comes in! 

You can create:

  • individual emails
  • a series to help maintain subscribers and keep unsubscribes low 

They can also use this email series as a potential lead magnet offer, rather than a simple PDF download that someone can grab and then unsubscribe. 

Social Media

It might also be a good idea to create specific content for a variety of social networking sites, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. 


  • short snippets of a sentence each that can be tweeted out to their audience
  • an infographic or image along with a brief bit of text

The possibilities are endless! 

Multiple ways to earn

PLR Sellers have at least four ways to profit and each one gives you a different amount of money in a different timeframe.

Let’s discuss: 


You are going to want to do launches for the packs/bundles you create.

Many buyers rush to buy early so they can start using it before others, so you should always launch your products. You’ll probably see a pretty quick influx of sales during your launch. An influx could last anywhere from 72 hours to a full week! 

So, how do you launch?

  1. Select your topic.
  2. Outline your content, everything that will go into your bundle (number of articles or lead magnets, images, etc).
  3. Create a JV (Joint Venture) page that details your launch info
  4. Announce it to prospective affiliates

Two things will be happening simultaneously: 

  • You will be working on creating the bundle content
  • Your affiliates will be prepping their promotions and bonus content

If you have recruited a great team of affiliates, you will probably see an incredible amount of sales during your launch period.

Remember: every sale builds your list of future buyers of your specific PLR.

Yay for that, right? 

Promote Your Competitors

You’ve built a list of PLR buyers, now it’s time to market to them. Promote your competitor’s products along with your super-exclusive bonus. 

NOTE: only promote reputable vendors or you’ll lose their trust!

*For a list of my faves, go to my Blogging Resources page and check out the PLR vendors under “Content Help”. *

When your launch period ends, add the package to your PLR store. You can use AMember to build a store and leave your content there for sale at full price (as opposed to the discount you offer during the launch).

If your content is evergreen, it will sell for months/years to come.

Don’t forget: recruit affiliates for your store, not just your launch. Offer them coupon codes to give their buyers at your discretion. 


Bundle a few complementary products and sell it at a discount.

Example: let’s say you have 5 bundles on the topic of personal development.

You first launch each one at a discount price of $17, then they go on your store for the full $35 price tag.

A bit of time passes and you decide to bundle them together. Instead of customers paying the $35 per pack, they can purchase the bundle of 5 for $55. It saves them money and earns you some. Win-win! 

NOTE: DO NOT EVER do this right after a launch! This is to be done a few months to a year later, after the content earnings have started to dwindle. 

Web Content

Finally, use your own PLR as your own content. 

  • Grow your website
  • Create info products
  • Use it as product review content

Just because you’re selling it to others doesn’t mean you can’t own a license yourself! 

PLR = Bonus Income

We mentioned previously that you could promote your competitors.

Why would you do that? Affiliate income!

If you’re selling PLR already, you have the option to create PLR Packs that are reserved exclusively as bonuses for people who buy through your affiliate link.

Example: one of your competitors is having a launch with a three-part funnel of PLR and you want to promote it. So what do you do? 

Exclusive Content

You create a package that is only available through your link, increasing the odds of making that sale and affiliate sale! 

The product rules:

  • it never gets launched
  • it doesn’t go into your store

You can do this for:

  • PLR launches
  • other digital info product launches

Most people buying a digital product would appreciate having some sort of content they can use on their site, like a post with images. 

TIP: PLR content you use doesn’t have to be new and exclusive. It’s always going to convert better if you do it that way, but you also have the option of selling a discounted bundle of older content, as long as it’s still relevant and not outdated. 

Selling PLR is a great business model for an income that provides both:

  • large spurts of cash 
  • a slower growing residual revenue stream 

Buyers are more than willing to pay for you to do this for them, so if you can create, you can profit from:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio (in some cases)


Stock Photos:

Ivory Mix 


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