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tech that can help you when you work from home

Tech That Can Help You When You’re Working From Home

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Working from home comes with a few challenges like reduced productivity /or motivation as well as time management that you need to deal with. When you’re just trying to get your work done, these can pose real problems. 

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Good news: there is plenty of different technology you can purchase to make things easier for you! When implemented correctly, the right tech can make working from home a breeze. 

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Here are some techie suggestions you might want to consider investing in: 

A Solid Router

As explained in THIS post, reliable internet connection and security are a MUST! A solid router is important. If you’ve had your existing router for a while now, you might want to consider upgrading.

Having a reliable, modern router will mean less connectivity issues. If your router is old or gives you issues at times, consider asking your provider to send a newer one or invest in one yourself. 

Network Security

Another must-have is network security, especially if you work within a data sensitive industry. You might want to invest in a VPN set up so you can work without the prying eyes of hackers.

Coupled with the VPN, you need solid virus protection. The latest internet security will help to keep you safer. Make sure you keep it updated. If you don’t want to accept auto-updates, make sure you update as soon as possible after you get the notification. 

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise is problematic. It can be the biggest distraction you deal with. Landscaping tools roaring and dogs barking outside, neighbors arguing, loud vehicles, sirens.. you’re away from most of these sounds when you’re in an office building, but when you’re at your home, there’s a never-ending barrage of sound. 

Investing in a good pair of noise cancel headphones that will become your best friend. Obviously if you have children, this might not be the best choice. A movie or quiet time will be your best option to get some work done. 

online Tools

Three words: Task. Management. Software.

Three more: You. Got. Options. 

There are some great online tools you can use while you’re working and you can use most of them absolutely free. Of course, you have the option for paid upgrades, but I have found it’s not necessary.



*Trello (my fave!)


Do some comparison shopping with the different tools available before choosing the best one for your needs.

While you don’t need to blow your budget on the most expensive tech, it’s best not to opt for the cheapest either.

Do your research so you know where you should invest and where you can cut back by using free tools.

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