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Summer Movie #2: BRAVE

When I suggested this movie to Mini, she was NOT happy. One of her friends loves this movie and has been telling her to watch it. Mini has refused. I tried to think of a way to get her to watch it and not complain. Then it hit me.

“She shoots a bow and arrow,” I tell Mini.

The eyebrows shoot up. “Really?”

Recently, she has gotten interested in archery. One of my sisters even got her a bow and arrow set for her birthday. No, not a real one but a good set. She loves that thing! Everytime I turn around, she’s holding the bow and has the arrow case slung across her body. She shoots her little rubber arrows at anything that’s not breakable.

Mini finally agrees and watches the movie. Aside from the archery scenes, her favorite scene was when the suitors are brought in (mine too!). I’m happy she is letting me pick movies. It’s a refreshing change from the same 6 on repeat.

Tonight, she also watched “Monsters Inc.” We had planned on going to see “Monsters U” this week so I thought it would be a good idea to let her see that one first.

Moving right along..

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