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7 Ways Blogging Helps You Face Whatever Life Brings

Did you know blogging actually has the power to heal?


Blogging serves many purposes.

  • You may have a lot to say and just want an outlet to share it.
  • You like to lighten others’ lives with your sense of humor.
  • You want to educate others with your knowledge.
  • Your main aim is to make money with your blog.

Whatever your reason for starting your blog, there’s another great reason to blog as well: blogging your thoughts, feelings, and ideas can promote healing for you and those who read your blog. 

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In many ways, blogging can facilitate discovering solutions for emotional challenges and working through whatever life brings.

Let’s discuss:

a public Journal

Blogging provides you with an opportunity to journal about how you feel.

If you don’t typically journal or keep a diary, writing about your life provides you with the “space” to record life’s events, good or bad.

This, in turn, can help you heal. 


What is a computer doing when it’s buffering?

It’s trying to catch up, then figure out what to do next.

Blogging encourages you to process your emotions and thoughts.

As you write, you take the time to think about your experiences. 

wanted: Solutions

Writing a blog often involves reviewing a situation and discussing possible options.

Whether you blog about an event before it occurs or afterward, you’ll likely take a closer look at the situation than you normally would. 

with a little help from my friends

Blogging allows you to help others.

In addition to healing yourself with blogging, you can also contribute to the lives of others. When we read a blog, we learn about what another person experienced.

We take in all the info a blogger offers, whether it is:

  • trying something new for the first time
  • going through a difficult life situation
  • having an epiphany 

Readers get a real feel about your struggles and how you rose above them. They just might be inspired by what you’ve been through, prompting their own healing. 

An extra bonus?

The solutions to your own dilemmas might be just what they need to solve their own. 


Let’s face it: the more you blog, the better writer you become.

Just like the more you evaluate your life and how to address challenging situations, the better you get at doing so. 

make sure you're connected..

Have you ever felt lost or “free-floating,” like you weren’t attached to anyone or anything? Blogging helps you reconnect.

Blogging helps heal through connections, no matter why you’re doing it:

  • Looking for an audience
  • New internet friends
  • Getting feedback on your own writing 

Bloggers also become a member of the internet community. This can be incredibly healing if you’re feeling alone or just seeking kinship with others. 

the truth will set you free

Being honest and telling the truth about how you feel is liberating.

Throughout life, many of us have learned (or were taught) to keep our feelings and emotions under wraps.

Releasing feelings in nondestructive ways can contribute to a healthy, contented life. 

While processing your experiences through blogging, it will bring a sense of peace and contentment to you.

Blogging allows you to touch the lives of others  and that might be the best part.

I highly recommend you start blogging today.

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