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Can You Live Up To Your Own Expectations?

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Some people have such a skewed out look on their lives, they make it virtually impossible to live up to their own expectations! 

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In their own minds, their imagination makes things seem better than they actually are. This is just a façade, however, and it’s only a matter of time before you crash and burn.

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Others think life is a miserable ride and always think things are worse than they actually are. 

Both mindsets are miscues that get in the way of your work-life balance. 

Is everything Really fine?

Being too optimistic has drawbacks. Living your life like an ostrich with your head in the sand, where you think everything is fine and there are no issues, isn’t going to solve anything. Ever. 

It’s important to think of the collateral consequences of your decisions.

Ex: working overtime instead of spending time with your kids at home. You attempt to excuse it by convincing yourself it’s necessary or that the money is for them. 

Reality Check!

Yes, you might be a bit upset you’re not able to see your family more often.. and realistically, you could work a little less, right? 

You can easily solve that problem by being able to look past that “everything is just fine” lie.

Naturally, this same idea applies to being too harsh with yourself. 

Negate that Negativity

When you are overly harsh with yourself, see everything in a negative light and feel that your life is upside down, you might end up on the other side of the extreme with the changes.

If you were able to step back, take a breath and realize you’ve changed too much too quickly, you might have noticed that your “old life” wasn’t nearly as catastrophic as you convinced yourself it was.

A few minor tweaks could have given you the results you wanted.  

Being overly critical of yourself could possibly lead to burnout with your new schedule and lifestyle.

Breathe. Think. Slow down. Pray if you need to.

Don’t let that negativity consume you. 

The Moment of Clarity

Be objectively honest with yourself.

You need to have a clear and realistic view of what your life currently entails and what you want your future to look like. 

That clarity is what will eventually guide you to that work-life balance we all crave.

Knowing exactly what needs to be changed is crucial to changing your work-life balance, but you can’t get a good idea of what needs to be changed if your perspective is so out of focus.

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I sincerely hope it helps you. 

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