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Four Helpful Tips for LinkedIn

Confession: I’m on LinkedIn, but I don’t use it much. I’m considering changing that, but maybe not anytime soon.

Here are some tips based on what I know though:

The biggest reason I steered clear of LinkedIn was the rampant harassment. I would be contacted by someone who says they want to work with me, then it would quickly turn obscene. 

Delete and block as you see fit!

AS you grow and change both personally, you might change directions professionally. If your career pivots, consider deleting endorsements that are no longer relevant. You don’t want to pop up on the wrong recruiter’s radar. 

The analytics on your Dashboard will let you know how many searches you’ve popped up in. It also lets you know what keywords were used to search and where the recruiter works. Now you know!

Let your privacy setting be your friend. You always have the option to set your page to private. It might not 100% prevent a rogue weirdo from contacting you, but it just might help keep some at bay 🙂

To sum up:

Delete and block whoever you need to.

Purge outdated endorsements.

Know who is finding you and how.

Privacy settings are your friend.

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