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Four Newer(est) Helpful Social Media Tips

Are you on social media?

Here are some tips for you:

Hashtags generate interest.

Your hashtag will pop up as a predicted hashtag when people start typing another one in.

Take advantage of this! Create a hashtag for your launches and campaigns. 

Use a site like Survey Monkey to create free surveys.

Ask for new product ideas or test the waters on your own ideas.

Share the survey link on all your platforms. 

Analytics. Are. Your. Friend.

If I’ve said it once, I’ll repeat is as many times as it takes for you to pay attention to yours.

You always want to know the perfect timing for getting the most eyeballs on your content. 

In the name of all that is authentic, PLEASE do not buy followers! 

Remember how embarrassing the last bot deletion was for celebrities? Some actually scrambled to buy fake followers before people realized what happened. Pathetic!

Don’t get caught doing the same thing. You will already have enough bots and weirdos following you. Don’t add to it. 

To sum up:

Create hashtags to drum up interest in your launches.

Crowdsource ideas.

Post at the right time.


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