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Four Newer(er) Helpful Social Media Tips

Are you on social media?

Here are some helpful tips for you.

*Please Note: I was listening to a certain genre of music when I was composing this. I don’t own any Disney characters and make no claims over them. I just think that everyone recognizes this brand and it has lessons to teach you, so here goes:

If you’re lucky enough to remember “TailSpin“, you definitely remember their villain Don Karnage. Every single time he addressed his crew, he uttered who he was and insisted he was “SPEAKING TO YOU in my voice”. He had an unmistakable voice, but still claimed it as his. Yes, I told you to take a lesson from a villain.. just use your nice voice, okay?

You sang that, didn’t you? HA! 


They are your friend!

You’re allowed to use 30 tags per post (at the time I’m writing this), so do your research and get them in 🙂

A shoutout is the new whistle..

so give one! 

If your feed is yours alone, that’s totally fine. Share things in your Stories then.

Oh and always let your conscience be your guide 🙂 

Pete’s Dragon” is one of my fave Disney movies (probably because I’m adopted). I LOVE this song, sung by the late great Helen Reddy. You don’t have to just post once and let it be. Repost on other platforms. Ex: all of these Tip Tuesday posts on my blog are actually from my Instagram

To sum up:

Post in your own voice.

Use hashtags!

Shoutout other people’s content. 

Cross-post content so it doesn’t get lost in the Social Media Sea! 

Are We Instagram Friends??

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