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Side Hustle Ideas for Arts & Crafts Lovers

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It’s totally possible to turn pretty much any passion you have into a successful side hustle.

If you’re a lover of all things arts and crafts, there are lots off different opportunities available.

Making money doing something you love can be a real game changer.

supplies to make crafts

So, what side hustles are available to arts and craft lovers?

Let’s discuss a few career paths.. 

Jewelry Designer

Do you love creating your own jewelry?

If so, you can sell your creations.

Yes, it might be difficult to competing with established jewelry stores, but you’ll honestly be surprised how popular handcrafted jewelry is.

You can create luxurious-looking jewelry using supplies you can find online.

Example: Swarovski jewelry is extremely popular. You can purchase official Swarovski crystals for wholesale prices online, then use them to create your own fancy, sparkling jewelry. 

Card making

Another popular side hustle for arts and crafts lovers is to create your own cards.

Cards are needed for all kinds of occasions year-round so this is a great idea.

This means you’ll have the potential to make more during seasonal times, but also a steady income throughout the entire year.

You will need some supplies for this side hustle.

  • Quality cardstock
  • A good quality printer
  • Graphic design skills
  • Shipping supplies (if you plan on selling in bulk)

remodel furniture

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more hands-on?

Remodeling furniture is becoming a popular side hustle opportunity.

How does it work? It’s simple:

  • Visit thrift stores
  • Pick up old furniture
  • Remodel it
  • Sell the finished product for a profit

This can be quite a fun side hustle too.

One thing you will need? A good eye for hidden treasure. 


Another hands-on side hustle opportunity is to take up baking.

If you love to spend hours in the kitchen cooking up delicious treats, becoming a professional baker is a great idea.

You will need to ensure that home bakeries are legal in your area. Check the Department for Health website to check the laws and regulations in your specific state.

You’ll also need a good level of equipment to produce professional treats.

It requires a bit of upfront costs so it isn’t the most affordable side hustle at first, but it is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable opportunities. 


If you’re great at drawing, becoming an illustrator is a great idea.

There is a high demand for cartoonists and illustrators and the pay can be really great too.

Not sure you have the right skills? You can take a course online.

As long as you have some level of skill when it comes to art, this side hustle is ideal. 

Selling Handmade crafts

Any craft-related items you create can easily be sold online.

Handmade crafts are hugely popular, so there’s probably already some demand for whatever it is you want to create.

You could create and sell:

  • soft toys
  • artwork
  • cushion covers
  • accessories
  • to name a few 

After creating your items, you can list them for sale on sites such as Etsy or Shopify. 

As you can see, there are a lot of different opportunities for arts and crafts lovers.

Making money from your passion can be extremely rewarding.

Remember: before you decide to jump into anything,


Make sure you know the laws and regulations of the side hustle you’re thinking of taking up.

Research your competitors to see how you can do your arts and crafts differently.

The more unique you are, the more likely you’ll be to succeed. 

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