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Four Newer Helpful Social Media Tips

Are you on social media?

Here are some tips to help you:

People tend to scroll past users who are consistently negative. Do you complain about illnesses or problems? You might want to rethink your strategy. There has to be SOMETHING good that you have learned. A life hack, perhaps? Share with the class 🙂

Speak with an unidentifiable, individual voice when posting. Don’t sound “canned”.

If you’re posting recommended copy for affiliate or sponsored posts, try to change the wording to make it sound more like you.

According to ViralStat’s blog, “The best way to see blocked hashtags is to check for them within Instagram”.

If a tag doesn’t appear in a search or appears with no posts attached to it, it might be blocked. 

Instagram’s hashtags are not case-sensitive and don’t work with spaces or special characters.

Yes: #MyDogIsCool

No: #My Dog Is Cool

If you feel the words in your hashtag might seem jumbled, use capital letters: #HereIsAnExampleOfThat 

To sum up:

Ditch the “poor me” attitude

Don’t sound like a can of word vomit.


Don’t use special characters or spaces in hashtags.

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