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What Are Mockups & Why Do You Need Them?

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Do you ever wonder where people get those gorgeous pins, posts and banners on their social media accounts?

Have you ever browsed through an online shop and wonder why some designers have a nicer display of their products than others?

I know what’s going through your mind.

What’s their secret?

Are they professional designers?

How do they have the time to make all of those graphics?

Yes, some of them are just great designers, but others need help.

If you are one of the ones (LIKE ME!) that could use help, 



You do NOT need to be a professional designer to have awesome graphics!

Your pins, posts and banners can be JUST as gorgeous as everyone else’s and you can customize them with your own brand colors and fonts.




So what are Mockups exactly? 

Are You Curious?

Mockups are simple drag-and-drop templates you can use to showcase your products.. or maybe a few inspirational words 🙂 

To be frank, it’s a super simple way to get your social media presence looking beautiful with little effort. 

Don’t believe me? 

Here are two basic examples of a template and what you can do with it. I did these in Canva. Yes, they are my Pugs, Koko & Jack 🙂 

From This:

To This:

From This:

From This:

You see how simple it is? These are just some I put together as an example and I’m nowhere near being a pro! Okay, while I admit I’m not a pro, I do have a lot of templates in my digital arsenal and LOVE Canva so I might have a bit of experience. 

The great thing about templates is that they are for every skill level! Even if you look at the simple templates above and say “Tina, I don’t think I can do that.” 


The templates I am recommending to you today come with a step-by-step video that explains how to use them.

So let’s get started making your social media and/or shops all pretty: 

First, you will need a canva Account. Sign Up Here —>

Once you have your Canva account up and running, you will need some templates. 

Faith from For Mommies By Mommy has some GREAT ones! Check them out here: 

Are you So Excited that you just gotta have them all? Click Here to Get The bundle of Bundles in one purchase —>

Yes, I realize the templates do say “for Etsy sellers”, but hear me out: Canva Pro accounts come with a little thing called “Magic Resize” so you can use them for anything!

If you don’t have a Canva Pro account, I recommend Faith’s Pinterest Template Bundles as well. They are specifically for Pinterest, but you can use them for Instagram or Facebook Stories as well. 

Are you excited to watch your views/clicks/sales skyrocket just by using these templates? 

I bet you are!

Now go grab some templates and have fun with them!

See you around the web 🙂 

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