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Four More Helpful Social Media Tips

What do you use social media for?

Here is another round of tips:

If you have an upcoming project and want to get some eyeballs on your fab work by promoting it, that’s great! Just don’t give away the farm. Paint a picture, share teasers, offer a snippet or sample, but keep the guts of your new project hush-hush.

Bad news: not every platform has stellar analytics. 

Good news: there are plenty of third-party platforms that do! Tailwind has great analytics for both Instagram & Pinterest and I recommend them for their alone!

Answer every message (except the spam ones, of course) and reply to every comment. At the very least, give it a like. 

If you don’t think you have the time, consider hiring a VA (virtual assistant) or SMM (social media manager).

You don’t need to appear or sound like you always have your stuff together! Even people with employees and/or teams don’t always get it right. 

The one thing that is a must? BE TRUE TO YOURSELF or you will end up stuck on what to post.

Keep a little mystery.

Track your analytics.

Make connections and be authentic.

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