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Have You Become Addicted to Success?

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From what I’ve seen and heard, the people having the biggest issue with creating a work-life balance have one of two problems: 

  • They don’t like their job
  • They wish they had more time to get things done at home

That’s not the case for everyone. Some people enjoy their job, maybe a tad too much.

They LOVE being at work, spending copious amounts of time there with no complaints. It’s possible the simple reason is they love seeing all that extra money coming in. 

Addiction & Ignoring

Is it even possible to be addicted to work?

Well, yes. You can be addicted to anything.

If success comes “easy” to you while you’re at work and it’s financially beneficial for you, you’ll be more than happy to continue to put in those long hours. 

The drawback? You might end up addicted to the money you’re making and it will blind you to how you’re neglecting your own needs and responsibilities.

This doesn’t seem to be a very common problem, so it might be tempting to not deal with it.

After all, some people hate their jobs and still spend every waking moment there, right? 

Not So Fast..

The issue here is doing less of what you love to achieve a work-life balance. Seriously though, do you ever feel like you spend too much time at home and therefore need to work more? 

I’m guessing that would be a resounding “NO”.

The high you feel from an abundance of success can be addicting and putting in more time for yourself is like throwing sand on the fire..

But the truth is this: you simply can not ignore your personal responsibilities in the name of making more money.

It might seem like a waste of time (“why am I doing this instead of making money?’), but investing in yourself is never a bad idea.  

What Do You Really Want?

Home is where everything you love is waiting for you.

Kids, spouse, family, your Pug.. whoever. 

Seems like there are lots of people who need your time, so why are you choosing to spend all your time on work projects? 

Money is great. So is being around your loved ones. 

If you already earn a great salary, it might be time to cool it with the overtime. Go spend some time with your peoples (the ones that don’t mess with your mental health). 

Getting too involved with work means you miss out on important milestones and special moments. You won’t realize how important those are until the people surrounding those moments are gone.  

Once your family or friends stop inviting you out or over, you’ll finally see just how much you needed them. 

Let’s take a pause and regroup before things get to that point.

It boils down to Prevention vs Treatment.

It’s so much easier to avoid problems (prevention) from the jump, instead of trying to rebuild bridges (treatment) down the road. 

Start making the effort to take a bit of time off from working.

Spend more time with those who deserve your attention. 

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