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5 Smart Ways to Use Social Media in Your Marketing Strategy

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Social media used to be for keeping in contact with family, friends and that weirdo from high school that you got along with, but were never really friends with (me).

It quickly grew to include businesses and brands, who used it as a way to contact current customers and attract new ones. 

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Social media has been proven to provide an effective avenue to increase your company’s revenue through posts and ads. 

Here are some tips to effectively use social media to help expand your business: 

strategist > Tactician

To explain: 

Tacticians look for quick wins and can’t see past the end of their nose. 

Strategists focus on the big picture and are in it for the long haul. 

Unless you’re a celebrity who already has a major following because of the movies or tv shows you’ve done, you need a strategy when it comes to social media.

In order for your marketing to be effective, you need a plan and the ability to commit to that plan. 

Don’t just start posting and think it will help. 

Think about it:

How can you use social media to beef up your marketing strategy?

  • If you sell physical products, you should post pictures of them. 
  • Do you have services to list? You could post a picture related to your services and use the caption to explain what you do and how to contact you. 

i wanna be where the people are

Your goal is to market to your ideal customers.

Where do they hang out online?

You’re going to follow them to where they are and market to them there.

Quite frankly, anything else is likely to be a waste of time.

Find out which community or medium your customers use within the sites. 


  • Yes, your customers are on Instagram, but do they prefer content in IGTV, Stories, Reels or Posts? 
  • Yes, your customers are on Facebook, but are they most likely to comment on page posts or in groups? 

let me count the ways

Consider all the ways you can build your biz with social media. 

A few ways to leverage your customer’s attention:

  • Find new customers by posting in related groups.
  • Handle customer concerns publicly to show your response times when a customer has any issues. 
  • Announce sales or specials through social media. 
  • Add links or invite people to contact you through DM on whatever networks you’re on. 

keep on keepin on

It’s important to be consistent and timely.

Make an effort to spend time online each day.

  • Respond to comments and inquiries on your content.
  • Avoid disappearing for several days without being involved.
  • Be visible or people will get bored and leave.

Don’t stand for any verbal abuse. Block as you see fit. 


Be as human as possible.

I hate showing my face on social media. It bothers me.

Don’t believe me? Check my Instagram out and see how many photos of me are on there. The last photo of me was from September 2021 when I turned 40 (and it’s hidden in the second slide of a post featuring my cake). Before that, I don’t even remember. It’s a long scroll to find the last one. 

I’m on the fence about showing your face versus using your logo.

If you’re service based, use your face.

If you’re product-based, use your logo.

I think if you’re present and genuinely responding to comments, you will be seen as human.

People will tell you that you NEED to post your face because people don’t want to connect with faceless brands.

I counter with the popularity of faceless social media channels. They’re all quotes or reposts with no pictures of the channel owner’s face.

Just try to be personal and authentic, in whatever way you feel comfortable. 

analytics = Friend

It’s imperative that you’re tracking your results.

Your analytics are your friend.

If you’re posting on Twitter or Instagram at the recommended times and still not seeing results, time to pivot or drop the platform.

Pay attention to the types of posts and hashtags that do well. Some are more algorithm-friendly than others. 

TIP: don’t use irrelevant hashtags just for clicks. There is nothing more annoying than clicking on a hashtag and seeing posts that have nothing to do with that subject. 

Social media isn’t new and  it’s DEFINITELY not going anywhere any time soon.

You can easily take advantage of these new marketing opportunities and promote your business in many ways.

Try it! 

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