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Should Entrepreneurs Push Back Too?

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Let’s face it: creating and maintaining a more effective work-life balance is probably easier when you can negotiate with your boss and pass off some responsibilities to a few coworkers. 

It is FANTASTIC that so many businesses are implementing practices to enable their employees to maintain a more positive work environment and readily provide resources to help reduce mental health issues in the workplace. 

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But what if you don’t have an employer?

What if YOU ARE the employer?

That might make things a bit more complicated, huh?

You’re the one in charge, so who is supposed to look out for YOUR work-life balance?

One last question: you got a mirror close by? 

Yep, THAT is who is responsible for creating balance in your life. 

Life gets tricky, you get creative

If you’re the one calling all the shots and doing everything yourself, finding that balance will be a trickier process. 

So yes, it might be easier to just pass off to coworkers, you’re going to have to tap into your creative side to figure this out. 

Entrepreneurs tend to take their work more seriously because their effort directly affects their business. No one wants to feel like they’re slacking off. The words “hustle” and “grind” are being drilled into our heads daily. If your business fails, it’s all on you.

So where do we draw the line?

Paging Time Management!

An advantage to working for a company means there are possibly 100 other employees who could pick up the extra work if you need a day or two. It wouldn’t be a big deal.

Think of this: when 100 employees are doing 100% of the work, each employee is responsible for 1% of the work. Seems easy, right?

Everyone does their 1% (well, hopefully) and things run fairly smoothly. Now think of the difference when 1 employee is responsible for 100% of the work. 

Missing too much time could have serious repercussions.. BUT you also need some semblance of balance.  

So what do you do?

Enter Time Management.

Set times for :

  • when you’re working
  • when you’re “off the clock”

When you’re working, it’s time to work. Eliminate distractions, turn on the music and GO! Let people know to only contact you with emergencies during those times.

  • Change your voicemail message to reiterate the times
  • Stay off social media – it’s a time suck

This should give you a bit more time to work with.

your mental health is important!

  • “Work hard, play hard”
  • “Hustle hard”
  • “I’m always on my grind”

Hello, burnout, my old friend…

Please stop neglecting your mental health.

I know you worked very hard to get where you are and you LOVE what you do.. but what are you doing to prevent burnout?

Think about it: what good is building something if you’ll end up being too burnt out to enjoy the fruits of your labors?

I get it. That “I’ll rest when I’ve made it” mentality might seem like a good idea, but it’s not feasible nor sustainable. 

I’ll be completely honest here: when I’m in the zone or I get an idea, I have an urge to see it through. It’s so hard to stay off the computer or away from my notebooks when inspiration hits.

So Here's What I Do:

I jot down my thoughts (you can use the Notes Pages Bundle at the bottom of the post), do a mini brainstorm session or a brain dump, then let it go.  

I used to hate taking breaks. I felt unproductive, like I was neglecting what I poured so much of myself into. I just kept working through the tears. I can’t stop, I would think to myself. I need this to work. 

It led straight to burnout. Yes, I needed this to work out, but at what cost? I realized I need to be accountable to myself and take the time I needed to keep my mind healthy. 

It was tough, but it’s working out well for me now. 

“If you don’t take time out for your wellness, you’ll have to make time for your illness.”

Scoff at it all you want, but it’s actually true.

If you designate a block of time in your day to relax or just breathe, you’ll be losing less time in the long run. 

Now ponder this, Pinky: Keeping yourself healthy (body and mind) will increase your productivity.. which will make you happier. 

THAT is what a work-life balance is all about:

creating more happiness for yourself. 

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