Blog Challenge – Topic 5

A Book You Read Recently “In Defense of Divorce” by Ennis B. Pepper Jr. This book was written by a Pastor and I wanted to read it to maybe have something to bring back to my parents. I kinda want something to justify my husband and I splitting up. My uber-Christian adopted parents want to […]

Blog Challenge – Topic 4

Something You Did That Didn’t Have the Desired Results & What You Would Do Differently This Time Oh heavens-to-Betsy. Where do I start with this one?! I would say about 75% of the plans I have in mind don’t pan out the way they’re “supposed” to. If there is a possibility something could go wrong, by […]

Blog Challenge – Topic 1

Write About A Person You Admire I kinda wish this had come later in the month. My Mother’s birthday is the 30th and she would have been 61 this year. I will write about her at that time though.. There have been some great role models in my life. So many people are worthy of my […]