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Choosing a Profitable Niche for Your Blog: 7 Things to Keep in Mind

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Picking a profitable niche for your blog should be simple, right?

Well, there are thousands of choices out there and narrowing down your choice to specifics can be downright paralyzing to a newbie. 

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So much to think of before you make the final decision, like:

  • Do you choose the niche you’re passionate about?
  • What if you’re passionate about minimalism? How will you sell anything?
  • How can I be sure my niche is profitable?

News flash: choosing your niche is not rocket science and shouldn’t be what’s holding you back from starting your blog in the first place. If you want to make money, you’re going to have to pick a profitable niche. 

Keeping a few simple criteria in mind, you’ll be able to spot a good niche within 15 minutes or so. 

Let’s discuss.. 

Is There Money Being Made?

First and foremost: is your idea going to make you any money?

Whatever you’re planning to blog step one is to do a search for your main keywords.

  • Are other bloggers in the niche? 
  • Are they selling or promoting products?

See competition? YAY!

Second: are there products to sell in this niche?

  • More products = better chance of your products selling 
  • More product variations = higher chances it’s profitable 

Third: a little analysis. Are these niche products actually selling well?

There might be sub-topics in your niche that don’t sell well at all. 

Visit an online marketplace and search for popular products in your niche. Take note of the number of reviews. 

You’ll get an idea of:

  • quantity of merchandise being sold
  • profitability
  • viability   

Do the Niche/Products Solve a Problem?

Does your niche revolve around a pressing problem? 

It’s most likely going to be profitable. 

You’ll be filling the knowledge gap for something people need in their lives. 


  1. “Get your ex back” is pretty popular because people who are in pain are looking for solutions and will do anything to salve their broken hearts. 
  2. Health is popular because discomfort brings the need to end that discomfort.

People have problems that need solving so these topics are popular too:

  • Weight loss
  • Migraines
  • Back pain
  • Teeth Whitening
  • You get the idea 

Sub-Niche of a Bigger Market

Ideally, you should aim for a sub-niche of a huge market.

Example: picking a topic such as ‘keto diet for weight loss’ will allow you to niche down and dominate, then still allow you some room to grow. You can promote yoga courses and fitness trainings to people who are on the keto diet and are also interested in exercise too. 

Your goal is to be able to have some breathing room to grow in the future.

Choosing certain micro-niches might be easy to dominate, but don’t carry potential for future growth. 


Simply put: higher product prices means you’ll make more from sales and/or commissions.

Product prices are always a key indicator of potential profitability. 

Keyword Competition

Do some keyword research. Analyze your competition.

Try a tool such as Ahrefs to gain an understanding of the lay of the land and whether you can even beat the competitors.

If it’s a profitable niche, you’ll see:

  • lots of keyword opportunities
  • the criteria mentioned earlier in this post are met

So, what do you do if authority sites are dominating search rankings?

It might be a good idea to either niche down further or just find another topic. 

Is This a Trend?

Trend. Fad. Flash in the pan. Temporary hype. Latest craze. En vogue. Newest wrinkle. 

Whatever you want to call it. 

If you’re going into blogging for the long term, you might not want to choose a topic that will crash once the fad dies.

Paging fidget spinners! 

Remember those? There was massive demand for them and now they’re had to find unless you’re looking. 

The point: choose a niche that is stable and evergreen. If possible, make sure it’s at least trending upwards.  

Can You Drive Traffic to Your Content?

Are you even able to locate your target audience?

You will need traffic to your blog, so this is super important. 

Can’t find your audience?

Audience doesn’t hang out online?

You’re going to have a problem. 

Look for online communities dedicated to your niche:

Keep an eye on these. They just might end up being a possible alternative path to funnel traffic from in the future. 

Are Others Advertising in your Niche?

If other companies are advertising in your niche, hooray! That’s a sign there is an audience for your ideas/topics.

Pay attention to the longevity of the ad. Is it here today, gone tomorrow? That might be a sign advertisers lost money. 

Look for winning ads that stand the test of time. 

Are you feeling a little better about diving in and choosing your blog’s niche now?

Doing a bit of research will give you an idea if the niche you want to get into is even worth the time and effort you’ll be putting into it.

  1. Determine the profitability of the niche
  2. Get started
  3. Keep going 

Don’t hesitate and brainstorm for too long.

Taking action will be the key to your success! 

If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water.

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