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Five Awesome Roy Orbison Songs

April 23rd is the birthday of the late great Roy Orbison!</h3>

I actually thought this was going to be one of my easy Fave Five lists. It was not.

This was actually one of the hardest lists I’ve ever made, considering Mr Orbison has such an incredible catalog of music to choose from. I have an extensive list of his music on Spotify and I had to go through it a few times to choose only five. As you can see, I had to add three honorable mentions. I didn’t even include his mega hit “Oh Pretty Woman” because I thought that was too easy. Everyone loves that song, right?

In honor of this phenomenal talent’s life, here are my five fave RO songs..

In Dreams

Losing a loved one is hard, whether you break up, ghost them or if they pass. All you have left is seeing them in dreams, and maybe a voicemail or card they’ve left you. All you have left is your dreams.

Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel)

Who hasn’t felt some sort of heartbreak? Everyone has felt as though what they were going through is something no one else could possibly understand. The people who miss someone get it.


I’m pretty good at hiding my emotions. Within minutes of me crying my eyes out, the redness disappears and you have no idea what just happened.

Blue Bayou

When you have to be away from loved ones for work, but you know you’ll be back someday..


“When your dream dies and your heart cries, shahdaroba. Fate knows what’s best for you.”

Honorable Mentions

You Got It

I used to sing this song to Mini when she was little. I replaced ‘man’ with ‘mom’.

You May Feel Me Crying

I don’t know why I like this song, I just do.

A Love So Beautiful

An awesome breakup song!

Do you have a fave Roy Orbison song?

4 thoughts on “Five Awesome Roy Orbison Songs”

  1. I’ll be the first to admit that music is not my forte, so at first, I was like I don’t know who this singer is! But then I clicked on the snippets, and I was like hey, I know (most) of these songs, ha.

  2. Hi Tina. I’ve been a fan of the great man since 1962. Have all his records, seen him live in New Zealand four times and met him twice. Play his music nearly every day. Cheers Errol
    I would put It’s Over & Walk On in my top five, but you list is great

    1. Hi, Errol! Thank you for commenting. I’m so jealous you got to meet the great man himself. Wow! Walk On and It’s Over are great choices too. It is hard to narrow down such a great catalog.

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