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Mini Monday – Post 20 – My Top 3 Backstreet Boys Songs

My Mom is a huge Backstreet Boys fan. She loves all boy bands, really.

She introduced me to the Backstreet Boys now I love them, too!

Here are my Top 3 BSB songs:

I Want It That Way

As Long As You Love Me

Larger Than Life

Honorable Mention: Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)

Next Monday, my Mom said she will share her fave BSB songs. Hers are very different from mine 🙂

See you soon,


2 thoughts on “Mini Monday – Post 20 – My Top 3 Backstreet Boys Songs”

  1. Would you believe me if I told you this was my first time seeing these videos??? I never went through a boy band phase so I don’t really know anything about these guys (this isn’t the group with Justin Timberlake, or is it?? I’M SO CLUELESS). Mostly just random bits Ive heard on the radio or just through pop culture references, or my husband singing randomly and doing little dances (that i’m guessing go with the song?).

    1. Wow really? I thought BSB was well-known! I’m still going through my boy band phase. I lost my voice for three days after going to a New Kids on the Block concert in 2011. Oh and JT was in Nsync 🙂

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