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Music Monday 4.1.19

Ahh good ole April Fool’s Day.

To prank or not to prank, that is the question.

Not. <- That is the answer.

So for this Music Monday, I decided to go with funny songs (maybe parodies).

Here are some of my faves:

Weird Al Yankovic – “Word Crimes”

I’m not a fan of the song this is a parody of, but this song is hilarious! I bet you can name people who commit these word crimes, too!

Mark Lowry – “Every Teacher (Knows My Name)”

“I brought prayer back to class.. cuz all my teachers prayed that I would pass!”

Weird Al – “Amish Paradise”

This caused some drama back in the day, but it’s hilarious!

Mark Lowry – “I Can Eat It All”

Just listen!

Randy Stonehill – “American Fast Food”

One of the funniest songs I ever heard when I was younger..

Hope you enjoyed!

What are your fave funny songs?

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