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Got Clients? There’s a Traffic for That

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To continue to grow your income, you need more customers/clients.

How do you do that?

Get more people to sign up for your email list.

How do you do that?

You increase the traffic to your site.

Easy, right? Umm yeah okay sure.

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Try these three things:

vary your traffic sources

This should always be a priority and something you work on regularly. If you only have traffic coming in from one source, you could be missing out. Get those links everywhere you can! 

Track your growth as you move along and keep an eye out for fresh new ideas to boost your traffic.

get more subscribers

Getting more traffic means your list will grow, which is great!

Just don’t stop there.

  • Tweak your opt-in forms as needed to increase conversions.
  • Create a new lead magnet to get the attention of a different sub-group in your target audience
  • Set up a few dedicated opt-in pages and start driving traffic to them

Do what you can to continually grow your list and pick up speed in the process.

turn subscribers into customers

This is the most important piece of your business puzzle and where things really start to get interesting.

The goal is to get your subscribers to spend money by purchasing your own products and/or services or purchasing recommended products through your affiliate links. 

How do you do that?

  • Offer more products 
  • Raise your prices 
  • Find more attractive relevant affiliate offers you can promote 
  • Work on your sales funnels and/or client journeys 

There’s a lot you can do to grow your bottom line once you have traffic and subscribers figured out.

by these powers combined..

Let’s take a look at how these three things work together for your benefit.

More and higher quality traffic

+ Improved opt-in rates

+ Creating higher-priced products with sales funnels that convert well

= A huge difference in your bottom line

Each of these elements alone will help, but by combining them, you will start to see exponential growth.

Let’s look at this scenario:

Let’s say you start out with 100 new visitors per day.

10% sign up for your mailing list = 10 new subscribers each day.

One buys one of your products at $10.

Now let’s say you double your traffic.

With nothing else changing, you go from making $10/day to $20.

You also improve your opt-in forms and get to a 20% conversion.

You also create a few more products.

Each customer ends up spending 3x as much as before.

You go from making $10/day to $120.


40 new subscribers/day = 4 new customers.

If each of them spends $30 in your shop.

That’s a pretty big bump from $10 while still only requiring you to double your traffic.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? 

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