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how to deal with distractions

How To Deal With Distractions

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Do you know how to deal with distractions? If you are going to work from home, you are going to have to figure out ways to minimize them. 

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Lucky for you, I’m here to help!

There are tons of distractions around you like household chores, TV, social media, kids, pets.. the list goes on.

How are you supposed to deal with distractions without putting the kibosh on your work productivity?

here are some tips to help you:

Distractions = Reward

Distractions don’t have to be all bad. I mean, sometimes you DO need a break, right?

So here’s an idea: why not use your fave distractions as rewards for completing involved tasks?

Ex: if you love watching TV, your reward for completing a project can be an episode of your show.

If you love mindlessly scrolling social media, that can be your reward. Set a timer to make sure you don’t get caught up in it. Social media can be a time suck and you could end up wasting half your workday before you know it. 

Rewards help keep you focused and boost motivation to get your work done because you know what’s waiting for you.

Try working in different areas

Maybe you need a chance of scenery. That gorgeous tree in your yard may be inspirational when it’s sunny, but what about a rainy day when your motivation is already hard to find?

While it’s common to set aside a single workspace in your home, you might find a productivity boost from working elsewhere, even just for an afternoon or a full day. 

Your venture in working from home might benefit from a little variety. If you have the option, try a different room or your kitchen/dining room table or maybe even in the backyard.

If you feel like you’re stuck, move to another spot (even if it’s just the other side of the couch). It might be exactly what you need to get your creative juices flowing again. 

A Little background music

This tip might not be for everyone, but some claim working with background music on can limit their distractions. This article on the Effectiviology blog states that background music leads to improved concentration, mood, energy levels and productivity. Personally, music is a mnemonic device for me.

When I listen to a song, I can remember what I was reading or doing the last time I heard it. As a result, I’m very mindful of the music I listen to in certain situations.   

It is up to you if you want to focus on calming music rather that something that makes you want to sing along. You might need upbeat music to keep your energy levels up. 

Listening to podcasts and audiobooks in the background can also work well. I don’t really recommend that because when I’m working, I need to think through things and hear my own voice, but others swear by it. 

So try adding a little background noise if you need a motivation or productivity boost. 

Check emails sparingly

Checking emails is important, but can also be time-consuming. You might want to limit how many times you check them during the day. Let your boss and coworkers know. If you work for yourself, make sure clients and customers know your availability. 

Try twice a day: first thing in a morning and right after lunch. If you’re involved in a project and collaborating, check after each task is done to make sure the parameters or goals haven’t changed. 

Silence those notifications

Turn. Them. Off. 

Social media, news, apps.. all of them. 

If texts are a big distraction for you, let your peoples know that you are unavailable during work hours, unless it’s an emergency.. then be specific as to what constitutes an emergency. 

Have an agreement that you will respond to texts when you take breaks or at the end of your day. 

It’s not easy to limit distractions while you’re home for any reason, especially since your home is where you are used to being when you contact your peoples. 

However, you are going to need some definitive system or technique that will help you deal with distractions that may pop up.

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