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How to know if blogging is right for you

How to Know if Blogging is Right For You

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Is blogging the right path for you?

In THIS post, I discussed starting a business from home without starting a blog..

But what if you actually DO want to start one? 

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Blogging allows you to share ideas, thoughts, wisdom, resources and opinions with others who need that information.

Here are some things you might not have considered when planning your future successful blog.

Are you ready to start a blog?

Let’s find out:

do you have the time?

Fact: it takes a LOT of time to build a successful blog.

Think about these things:

  • What do you want to write about?
  • What can you write about without much effort?
  • What are you most knowledgeable about?
  • What subject are you passionate about?

Research other articles written about the ideas you have. When you find topics or perspectives that were left out, check the comments to see if there is any additional information readers want. That will give you great ideas for your first posts. YAY!

Writing the content itself takes a bit of time. After writing, you have to promote it, which takes more time. Also needed? Time for general blog maintenance.

If you have enough time to go through this process, then you are ready to start blogging. If not, you will have to delegate it or move along a bit slowly (which is totally fine). 

are you a self-starter?

Instant success with a blog is very rare. There will be incredibly challenging moments.

The key to a successful blog is lots of focus and self-motivation. You have to be ready to motivate yourself to keep going on. You have to be ready to tackle problems as they arise.

After all, you ARE THE BOSS!

are you passionate about your topic?

One of the main motives of blogs is to let people know your thoughts on specific topics. If you enjoy writing, you might assume starting a blog is the right thing for you.

However if you don’t like the topic, you’ll have difficulty writing the content day after day. The last thing you want for your blog is to burn out early!

do you truly want to help others?

Do  you enjoy helping others and seeing them prosper?

Starting a blog gives you an avenue to educate your audience and teach useful, fun and valuable lessons on various subjects to help others. It is a great way to serve others on a larger scale.

do you have a desire to learn?

When studying topics for your blog, there may be times you need to interview influencers or experts in that niche.

Through these sessions, you can learn new things and incorporate them into your blog. These might be in the form of posts, videos or even a podcast interview.

Suggestion: always have paper and pen or a recording device at the ready so you can learn from anyone you come across in your blogging journey.

To sum up:

  • Do you have time?
  • Can you start by yourself?
  • Are you passionate enough about this topic?
  • Do you TRULY want to serve others?
  • Are you willing to learn from others?

If you can answer the questions above in the affirmative, then blogging may be the path for you.

Remember: nothing is set in stone. One of the best things about blogging is that you can pivot at any time if you want or need to.

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