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Mini Monday – Post 4 – Star Wars

May The 4th Be With You!</p>

We love Star Wars in our family! We are OBSESSED! I can’t wait for my Star Wars theme party next month!

I decided to do this post about Star Wars and all of my Star Wars things, like toys and stuff. My Mom and Dad probably have more Star Wars shirts than I do. Well, I don’t know about my Dad, but my Mom definitely does!

First up is my R2D2 Bobblehead.. It bounces down and back and forth.

20150503_212214 20150503_212149 20150503_212157

Next are my Star Wars Original and Rebels toys. Some haven’t been opened yet. I will get to play with them on my birthday because they are going to be used for my party.



I get the LEGO Club magazine in the mail and I love when they do Star Wars editions! I found the Science Experiment book at my school’s Book Fair. The sticker book was from TRU, I think.



I just made this over the weekend at TRU. They had a special Star Wars event and I got to pose with a Storm Trooper! It is called the ‘Wookie Ship”, I think. I also found plushies of Ezra and the Inquisitor.

20150503_212622 20150503_212632



This is a large “Darth Tater” that my parents bought a few years ago. Until now, I had no idea it has a mini Darth Tater, a Spud Trooper and an Artoo-Potatoo on the inside.

20150503_212834 20150503_212810

Even our Pugs are in on the Star Wars action. We bought them all Yoda ears and Chey had Princess Leia ears as well. We found these awesome harnesses at Petco!

20150503_215011 20150503_215101

Now, we move on to clothes. As I said, my Mom had a bunch of Star Wars shirts and we couldn’t find them all. This one belongs to my Dad (he was actually wearing it today). It looks old..


Here are two of my shirts and my favorite pair of shorts..

20150503_214806 20150503_213105

Lastly, this is the shirt I am wearing to school for Star Wars Day..


Well, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed my Star Wars things.

See you next week!


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  1. Wow!

    These figures are absolutely awesome! How much were they?

    And I hope your theme party was epic. I bet it was. Anything that is Star Wars related is just grest!

    So… how was your party?

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