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Summer Movie 14: THE SMURFS 2

The movie theatre seems to be our activity of choice next to bowling, so I finally signed up for the frequent flier program at the theatre. I probably should have done that three movies ago, but oh well.

Mini loves watching the Smurfs. She won’t watch the cartoon when it’s on though. I don’t know why. She tells me I grew up on “the boring Smurfs”. I’m gonna smurf that smurfing child one of these days!

This movie’s storyline was really good. I was a little bit skeptical when I heard they were pretty much concentrating on Smurfette. Some of these movies can go very wrong. She’s no Wolverine, after all.

Mini (again with the slapstick love) said she had two favorite parts. One was when Gargamel and Azrael were arguing as usual and Azrael smacked his face against the floor/ground (don’t remember) in exasperation. *thump thump thump* Each thump made Mini laugh harder. Her second favorite part was when Gargamel was falling and landed on his man-berries. He screamed, a dubbed little girl scream. It was pretty funny. Best lip-sync ever! Pop stars – take note!

As we left the theatre, Mini very excitedly asked if there was going to be a third movie. I told her there could be, because heaven forbid Hollywood come up with an original idea. They’re all about the sequels. Of course, I could watch a hundred Wolverine movies, provided Hugh Jackman is still the leading man..

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