Three Questions Thursday 8.4.16 – Tina B's World

Three Questions Thursday 8.4.16

Three Question Thursday 8.4.16 - Tina B's World

We are asked questions every day. Some from our kids, others from family or friends. The point of these posts is to share questions I’ve been asked and answer them.

1. “Why do people ask you if you are on your period when you’re upset and crying?”

Three Question Thursday 8.4.16 - Tina B's World

This was a discussion between a friend and I. She more said it out of frustration, but it really got me thinking. If it’s coming from a male, it’s probably because he’s been biologically programmed to fear emotion. Some overcome that fear and probably won’t assume it’s PMS making you cry (just an fyi – we like those guys). Some just assume that if you’re showing emotion, you must be crazy.

Then, there are the choice few who refuse to take responsibility for hurting you or causing you distress. They would rather blame your uterus then shoulder their share of the blame. If it comes from a female, as in “geez, who lit the fuse on your tampon?”, she is probably either just being a witch or she is advising you that you are in public and need to take it down a notch.

It all depends on the “who is asking” thing.

2. “Is the PTA a clique?” 

Three Question Thursday 8.4.16 - Tina B's World
Photo by Max Braun

This is a question everyone who volunteers for PTA events gets. Here’s what you have to realize.. we are around each other a lot. Pretty much all the time. Any time there is an event at your child’s school, we’re there.

Something you don’t see? We’re also there when the kids are not. That book fair the kids love? Those shelves and tables have to be set up beforehand. Plant or holiday sales? Same thing. When those events are done, things need to be dismantled and put away. It’s usually the same people who do everything.

Please be clear: I’m not finding fault with working mothers or people who don’t have the time. Even if you just don’t want to be bothered, I find no fault. I’m just explaining something.

Do some PTAs have cliques? Yes. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. It happens everywhere, not just PTA. However, the vast majority of PTA volunteers are more than willing to open up their circle for new people. They are willing to answer your questions (or connect you with someone who will).

You just have to ask.

Jump in on a conversation or just walk up to anyone who is helping.

3. “When can I meet Buzz Aldrin? He’s still alive, right?”

Three Question Thursday 8.4.16 - Tina B's World
Photo by campuspartybrasil

A double question from Mini. I don’t know when you can meet Mr. Aldrin and yes, as far as I know, he’s still alive. Mini is my little nerd (we’re very proud nerds/geeks in our house) and is super into space and science-related things.

She is fascinated by new scientific discoveries made, although she was pretty peeved when they demoted Pluto.

She watched COSMOS (the new one) and wanted the GeoSafari Planetary mat because it featured Neil Degrasse Tyson’s voice. She is enamored with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. She knows she will never be able to meet Mr. Armstrong and that saddens her… but she hopes to one day meet Mr. Aldrin (even though she sometimes pronounces his last name Alderaan).  She would love to listen to one of his stories straight from him.

Well, that’s my 3 questions from this week. Have YOU been asked anything recently?

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