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Where In The World Is.. My Dream Vacation?

Day 9: What would your dream vacation look like?

Is it weird that I don’t sit around all day and think about what my dream vacation would be?

If I see a nice place in a magazine, I’ll probably think it would be nice to see in person.

You know what? There IS a place I’ve been dying to visit.

The Maldives.

The Maldives photo

Photo credit: romaneau on Pixabay

I mean.. LOOK. AT. IT.

The Maldives photo

Photo credit:  CSITDMS on Pixabay

Gorgeous beaches and scenery.

The water villas.

I fall in love every time I see another pic or article about it.

So THAT. The Maldives is my dream vacation.

It’s total #vacationgoals.

2 thoughts on “Where In The World Is.. My Dream Vacation?”

  1. I had to look up where these islands were (so gorgeous!) then once I saw THAT I had to look up how long it would take me to get there… and I am never going to the Maldives, ha. There are no direct flights, and the shortest one is THIRTY FOUR HOURS. Oh heck no, ha.

    1. Yeah, that’s the one drawback! It might be worth it though. I mean, if I was rich enough to afford a week there, I’d probably be able to afford a few extra days off for travel, right?

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