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Saturday Night’s Alright for.. Working?

Blog Challenge Day 8: What do your weekends look like? Do you work or relax?

Working from home does give you some flexibility, as long as you don’t have a deadline. Some days, I will have something to do during the week and need to take the time off, so I make it up on Saturday.

If I finish any errands and we haven’t made any plans, I get some fun work done, like designing social media posts.

Saturdays tend to be our tv or movie binge days though. We’ll get through an entire season of a show or have a movie marathon.

So the answer to the question is: I work on Saturdays if I need to. Mostly, we run errands, clean or meet up with friends 🙂

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night’s Alright for.. Working?”

  1. Weekends used to be when I would catch up on household chores, i usually let things get a little too messy during the week which I hate but I’m also so lazy after work.
    WFH has made keeping up with cleaning so much easier, so now the weekends are for tackling larger projects and yard work, and tv/movie binging.

    1. I hate yard work. I got rid of bushes and trees in my backyard just so I wouldn’t have to take care of them. Ha!

      1. Past heather would be SHOCKED that I got a home with a huge ass yard, since young heather HATED yard work. It is still not a joy or my passion, but I will do it grudgingly,and NOT every weekend. More like once a month. Maybe.

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