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A Post of Resource

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Blog Challenge Day 7: Create a Resources List

You’re probably already sick of hearing about the quarantine (and living it!) so I don’t want to bore you with another boring post..


This is supposed to be a resource list. I tried to think about what would be relevant now, but also relevant in the future.

The answer?


This is relevant now because everyone is utilizing them now, but will also in the future. Instead of having the background of your call be your toilet and sink, here are a few AWESOME choices:

A little package of 12 free backgrounds I have in my store HERE.

The list on POPSUGAR has links to all sorts of backgrounds from TV shows and movies to vacation spots.

Dunkin Donuts – FREE 

Embrace your inner coffee addict and click HERE for 10 awesome backgrounds with coffee and donut themes like this gem:

Photo from the Dunkin Blog

Canva Templates – FREE/PAID

Canva has a bunch of templates you can use for your background. Just type “virtual backgrounds” in the search bar. You can also create your own background with personal photos (if you have Pugs, DEFINITELY use them!) by using one of their blank templates. Here is an example of what you can find (yes it’s a video!):


Unsplash has tons of great stock photos and a quick search for “virtual backgrounds” reveal some gorgeous pieces you can use. Check that out HERE.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


Shuttershock is another stock photo site and again, a search reveals THESE results. There is a button on the search page to get a free pack. In it, you will find gems like this:

I don’t know how they got this picture of my husband, but WOW!


Another fab website with great stock photos! A quick SEARCH revealed beauties like this:

Image by JAKO5D from Pixabay

Note: Some sites require or request attribution when you use their photos. Please make sure you do that!

Enjoy your virtual meetings with your super cool new backgrounds!

2 thoughts on “A Post of Resource”

  1. I’ve been working from home, and my husband had just bought a new desktop PC that I hadn’t used yet so I thought it had a camera. The first day I put on a bra, a nice top, did my hair, put contacts in (kept my slippers and yoga pants) for the morning meeting and then… no camera. Ha. So now I look a hot mess everyday. Smudged glasses, hair that is all over the place, mismatching pj/yoga pants/sock/slippers whatever. The first day back to work is going to be a shock to my system 😉

    1. I dress in my comfy pants and a shirt, but I do my hair every day. I don’t bother with makeup unless I know I’ll be on video. Why waste it?

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