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Why Are You Waiting for Tragedy to Strike?

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Don’t wait until catastrophe forces you to evaluate your work-life balance! 

Yes, there are a plethora of people who see the value in a proper work-life balance, but some are either arriving late to the party or skipping it completely.

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They have a “wait and see” attitude, which pretty much means they’re waiting until something bad happens before they force themselves to take stock in their life. 

The goal is prevention, not treatment. 

Let’s discuss. 

Imbalance Rears Its Ugly Head

People are stunned when they discover that their personal and professional worlds have collided, causing a grave imbalance. They’ve been running on autopilot so long, they failed to see the red flags cropping up, signaling that something is about to go wrong. 

They haven’t exercised enough caution and just assumed everything was hunky-dory until personal or professional disruptions hit. It forces them to slow down, recognize that life got away from them and take stock so they can see which piece of their life puzzle is being affected. 

The Pitfalls of Working Too Much

When you work too much, you just might burn out eventually. You neglect your emotional health in favor of the work benefits. 

What happens then? It backfires. 

Staying buried under your workload in a highly stressful environment wreaks havoc on your emotions, causing sadness, high anxiety and worry. 

So what can you do? You have to work, right?

After all, your cell phone bill won’t wait. So.. 

Down Time = Recovery

Use your down time wisely.

In an ideal world, you should have a clean slate with fresh eyes and ideas when you return to work. You’re able to feel motivated and properly focused on your goals for career success. 

A work-life imbalance isn’t good for your mental health, but it’s doing no favors for your physical health either. 

  • Suffering from insomnia?
  • Not eating properly?
  • Sitting at your desk for too many hours each day?

If you wait to change things, all of that eventually takes a toll on your body. 

Don't neglect YOU!

Achieving your career goals is great, but do your best not to neglect your body.  

Provide for your physical self as well:

  • Taking time to exercise or stretch.
  • Get plenty of rest (as much as you can).
  • Prepare nutritious meals (or do your best according to your budget). 

Stay Connected

Nurture your relationships:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Online Community
  • Offline Groups 
  • Whoever you can be comfortable enough to relax with 

However you decide to be connected to others, keep that up. Devoting too much time to work can mean neglecting your family an causing irreparable damage to those relationships.

Cultivate those connections: 

  • Enjoy dinner with the family.
  • Take off on days that allow you the most down time with your people. 

Don't Slack Off!

Just to be clear: I’m not giving you permission to habitually call in sick because you “can’t handle” being told what to do on a job. 

I’m just pointing out that focusing too much on your personal life will stall your career aspirations. 

What happens then? 

Your finances take a nosedive and the bills start to pile up.

Financial pressure is one of the catastrophes that can occur when the imbalance is a bit different, so don’t neglect your professional side. 

Bottom Line:

You don’t want to sacrifice financial peace for endless days of binge watching your fave shows, so keep an eye on your down time as well as the time you devote to your business or career.  

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