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Bet You Never Knew You Needed to Know This..

Blog Challenge: Your Two Cents.

To quote Eminem, “Here’s my ten cents. My two cents is free..” 

Unpopular opinion: Apple Spice > Pumpkin Spice

Every Fall, we are graced with a slew of new products made from pumpkin spice.


Your fave diner has pumpkin pancakes.

Coffee? Pumpkin spice latte.

What. About. Apple?

I want apple spice pancakes.

I LOVE a hot apple cider.

Best apple spice item?


But they’re hard to find.

You can always find a pumpkin donut or muffin in spitting distance.

Apple spice? Nope.

This needs to be remedied asap. Thanks, food companies!

What’s your unpopular opinion?

2 thoughts on “Bet You Never Knew You Needed to Know This..”

  1. I vote you for president!
    I do not like pumpkin spice, because I do not like pumpkin pie. But I love me some apple cider! I would totally go for apple spice. Every fall the pumpkin spice train just gets crazier. At some point, it has to reach peak pumpkin spice? Like it can’t keep getting more and MORE popular right???

    1. I don’t know.. I saw more pumpkin spice cereals and snacks last year than ever! I feel like the problem is going to get worse.

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