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Blog Challenge – Topic 17

Song Title As A Theme “Keep Me In Your Heart” I have been thinking about my Mother a lot more than usual lately. Her birthday is August 30th. She would have been 61 this year. I have a post I am working on for that day but this is what made me think of this …

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Saying Good-Bye to Friends

One of the best/worst things about getting older is your friendships change. Sometimes we become so comfortable accepting our place in a relationship that we stick with it even when we know it’s not ideal. You just get used to people using you and you don’t even realize how bad it has gotten until you …

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Blog Challenge – Topic 4

Something You Did That Didn’t Have the Desired Results &¬†What You Would Do Differently This Time Oh heavens-to-Betsy. Where do I start with this one?! I would say about 75% of the plans I have in mind don’t pan out the way they’re “supposed” to. If there is a possibility something could go wrong, by …

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