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Thinking of Starting a Profitable Side Business? Creative Strategies to Get The Ideas Flowing

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Finding it difficult to get ahead (or even get by) in the current economy?

Please know: you are NOT alone!

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At this point, your day job probably is either barely covering your daily expenses or it isn’t covering it and you’re in debt. 

There is some action you can take that will hopefully help. 

A salary increase is probably not going to happen, so let’s find another option. 

Let’s discuss some things that might help put you in a better financial position: 

Got Skills?

You know what you’re good at, don’t you?

Let’s apply your skillset and capitalize on prime earning opportunities.

Is it even possible to get a business started using your natural abilities and as little financial capital as possible? YES! 

Grab some paper (like my Notes Bundle).

Let’s take a few steps:

  1. Write down a list of any and everything you’re good at – organizing, singing, whatever. 
  2. Cross out the ones that may not present lucrative business opportunities.
  3. Study your amended list.
  4. Brainstorm a few business ideas.
  5. Start researching ways to get those businesses started.
  6. Get at it!

Are you getting excited? Great! Let’s keep going.. 

Find the needs

Everyone has needs: what are those needs and how can you best fulfill them?


You may not necessarily be providing the exact product or service they want, but you can certainly find it and facilitate it!

How do you do that? 

Have quick one-on-one chats with people in your circle or network:

  • What do they need?
  • What can’t seem to find the time to get done?

Yeah, great.. then what?

  • Develop a plan that helps people get what they want.
  • Add a markup for your time.

That’s straight profit!

Need ideas? Search social media for trends or popular topics.

By addressing the trending issues, you can get in on some solid and/or unique earning opportunities. 

Ads on Social Media

Do this one yourself or start with a partner. 

Market yourself around your community.

See how you can help other community members or support local activities.

Use social media to advertise your services.

Some suggestions: 

  • Design a Facebook page. Add relevant details about your service offerings.
  • Find a relevant community page or group, then like it and share about your business within their guidelines. Ex: if it’s a gym, let them know you sell exercise mats and accessories. 

TIP: you might want to steer clear of parent groups. They are a group of drama llamas with admins on power trips.

If your day job allow you enough time to babysit in the evenings, you can send an email to the community and make yourself available to assist parents from the area. Again, be wary of parent groups. 

Find Worthwhile Investments

Is a local business struggling and you confidently know your knowledge and know-how could help them turn things around? 

Have a meeting with the owner and lay out your proposals. 

Could you create a product you know their customers need or want?

That could be a worthwhile investment.

Go back to your brainstorm list from earlier. 

Do you see anything on the list that might not be a lucrative business, but could be a solid side hustle to add to your bottom line? 

The bottom line?

Your future and well-being are on the line.

It would be beneficial to both if you could start to brainstorm and develop some solid money-making ideas.


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